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Straight out of History| October 10th, 2009

My dad recently received a tractor that belonged to his grandpa. His Grandpa originally purchased it new in 1938 or

Ayden | sneak peek

You know how I love to give sneak peeks. Well here’s a sneak peek from my session today with Ayden.

Connect to KL Photography

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Tis the season

Christmas is getting close,.. do you have your Christmas Cards purchased, yet? If you’re anything like me..

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Some things never change..

The twinks fell asleep in mine & their Daddy’s bed tonight, and they were so super snuggly!….awwwwwwww

Congrats are in order….

Kasandra on winning Homecoming Queen! & Introducing for the first time… Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Barnes!!  (it

The Rainbow

There was the prettiest sight in my backyard this evening! Take a look at this gorgeous rainbow!

Mason needed new pictures

lol! Yeah that’s right! I clearly do not have enough of him 😉  So here are some that I took today. By the

Sunday at Home

I was supposed to have a photography session on Sunday, but because of sickness it was postponed. Hope you get to

Childhood Memories

My parents have been asking me to take pictures of all of the grandkiddos for a good while now.. I think the last one

Emily. The princess.

Meet Emily. She’s my gorgeous 4 year old niece! She is soon to be a big sister come around February, but she will

Trena + Jerry. The Engagement (full post)

Meet Trena & Jerry! They have known each other since grade school and look at them now! Soon to be married! How