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2011 Recap

2011 was one of the most emotional, amazing, eye opening, life changing years for me… ever.

I turned 28.

I celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary with my husband.

I photographed a birthday party for a man who was surrounded by a gazillion people as he blew out the candles of his tractor shaped birthday cake…, all his family and friends.. loved him.. and he knew it & loved them. & I could feel the love as I was there.

I photographed nervous fathers walking their beautiful daughters down church aisles and across pastures to marry their soulmates.. and boy were those some handsome grooms!

I watched my 4 year old twins and 1 year old baby turn another year older.. all on the same day. I love May 6th. There could never be a more perfect day!

I photographed the miracle of life: baby Riley being born. I will never forget hearing his first cries. I will never forget holding back the tears watching his mommy clutch him to her chest.. watching his proud daddy look on in amazement. One of the best moments of my life.

I photographed gorgeous women, embracing their pregnant bellies. The glow of pregnancy is amazing.. to say the least!

I took first pictures of many, tiny… teeny, .. precious little newborns.

I photographed whole families & the love that brought them all together.

I photographed couples pledging their love to one another doing their engagement pictures.

I photographed first birthday pictures… and looked on as parents squealed in delight over how messy their little one year old could get while eating cake. 😉

I had gastric bypass surgery and shrunk from a women’s size 24 to a women’s size 18. I am diabetes free. I am high blood pressure free. I have a life to enjoy, now. Thank you so much Dr. Kuhn!

This year has been incredible. This year has been amazing.

Thank you all for your encouragement, your love, & your support. Thanks to my clients that became friends. & Thanks to my friends for your messages of inspiration and get well soons. & Thanks to my family for babysitting my little chaotic trio while I was out shooting people (with my camera 😉 ).. and recovering from a major surgery.

& thank you.. yes YOU.. that is reading this blog.. you deserve a big thanks as well!




Happy 2012!

P.S.. I turn 29 next week.. if you need an address to send me a birthday gift, holla! hahah 😉

molly allen;)

you are one blessed lady and i am thankful to have met you this year, you have a beautiful family and a wonderful gift!! i fink i love you a lil bit!!

trena flournoy

you’s a hooch. that made ME cry this time. i love you for all of our life.