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2012 Client Appreciation Contest!

So, what are the rules again?

Have your friends & family COMMENT on YOUR photo! The link will be provided to you on January 1st.  Only one comment per person will count & please be sure to tell me which client you are rooting for just in case we get mixed up some how! <3

Next, have them go to and LIKE the page…and then come back to THIS blog POST and tell me they liked the page.. and which client  they are wanting to use that vote on.

Confused yet? LOL I’m sorry it has to be this way, but facebook is crazy about their rules and if they aren’t followed, my fanpage can be deleted by them..which would be an epic fail. Also, if you were a client in 2012, you QUALIFY for this contest.. regardless of if your session was a full,.. or a mini.. or if you were in one of my holiday themed quickies! 🙂 I wish I could give EACH one of you guys a 16×20 canvas.. simply because.. they are beautiful.. and amazing.. and I love the ones hanging in my house.. & I think each of you need one, too.. but! I could never afford that.. lol sooooooo… this is the way it has to be. I want you guys to know that I love you, I appreciate you.. Thank you so much for your support, and your words,.. and your love.. and for making 2012 my most successful year yet!!!

Here’s to 2013!

Much love,


Kristin LaRue


Here are the clients that wanted to participate! & I KNOW I SHOT WAAAAAAAAAAAY MORE OF YOU GUYS THAN THIS! 🙂

The Webster’s

Baby Izzy

Brianna Schroeder

Kara Janeway & family

The Parson’s

Eden Cullum

The Cavender’s

The Dyess Family

The Hutchings Family

The Day’s

Riley Barnes

Jake & Kenda Blackshear

Abbigail Stone

The Cheatwood’s

David Martinez, Jr.

Shelly Keller & family

Landry Bounds

Fair Shae Guest

My gallery appears to be off it’s ROCKER! & is acting a bit crazy, when you log in, you will notice you’ll see The Webster family,.. LOL Please look at the thumbnails to the RIGHT and find your family’s/friend’s photo and COMMENT on that one! & PLEASE make sure you go ahead and give me THEIR name in your comment, just in case there is any mix up!

Tina Wilkins

Kristin you rock! And I want to vote for Brianna Schroeder!!!

nancy adams

I could not figure out exactly where to post who I was voting for. I liked the page on Facebook. I want to vote for Briana! Beautiful high school girl, and awesome pictures!!!!

Cassie Cullum

I “liked” your FB page! Voting for Eden Cullum! Tara Cullum sent me!

Ruth Schroeder

Pictures r great u did a great job I vote fot Brianna Schroeder


I liked the Facebook page a while ago. I’d like to vote for Eden

Melva McClenny

Love your pics my vote is for baby izzy


Liked the page voting for the Day’s.

Angela Jernigan

I liked ur page! Voting for the Day’s

Lindsay McCarter

I voted for the Day family!

Tracey Marrs

I liked your page! I vote for Brianna!


I liked your FB page and I’m voting for the Days.


Sending love for the day family!

Paula O'Dea

I liked your page and love your creativity! I voted for the Day’s.

Cindy Wilson

I Love Brianna’s Pictures,I vote for her.