Monthly Archives: March 2012

& baby makes 4.

The Stone’s are expecting a little girl.. THIS monday.. and I wanted to have their pictures on the blog before

birthday cake!

Ashlin had a smash session to celebrate turning one.. and her momma, Melissa.. brought a TON of stuff to decorate my

one little, two little, three little indians.

Mason (my two year old) received an amazing gift in the mail a couple of weeks back. The sweet man that made Nolan


So, I’m sure you noticed how different my blog is looking here lately. Don’t you just LOVE it! Cause I do!

the soon to be Tubb family <3

Brian & Kimberly are both friends of mine on facebook.. and hardly ever does a day go by that I dont see posts like


This little sweetie pie was brought to my studio a couple of weeks back. He must have some toofies trying to come thru


It’s no secret that I’m a MAJOR fan of macro photography. Macro simply put, means ….close up. I


Life as a 9 year old boy. simple. colorful. belly laughs. freckles. magical adventures. I love it when parents want


I have met my limit for weddings for this year and will not be booking anymore! 🙂 I am still available for portrait