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2nd Graders {Paris, Texas lifestyle photographer}

So my twins started 2nd grade this morning. We were up bright & early getting ready.. and *sigh*

I’m really going to miss them during the day.. but holy fartknuckle did I need a break.

Three boys = chaos. In case you didn’t know!

So while we were getting out of the car, this was our conversation..

Me: “So can I give you kisses?”
Nolan: “No. You’ll make us look like idiots. You can only kiss us in the car.”
Noah: “In the car, with the door closed.”
Me: “What about hugs?”
Noah: “hugs are okay. but make it quick.”

No kisses.
& They wouldn’t hug me either. 

I managed to get a FEW pictures.. and they wouldn’t give me any time at all to check my settings, or change them with different lighting. Mason starts Kindergarten next year. Next year, I will be a wreck. a W R E C K. Until then, he’s stuck with me for another year.

so.. these are it. 🙁