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Aaron & Savanha| October 18th, 2009

I had an absolute BLAST with newlyweds – Aaron & Savanha. We took all of the pictures out at Aaron’s Dad’s horse farm. Which is  soooooo beautiful. So peaceful, I feel like it’s a place to retire at.. relax at.  Aaron’s dad knew JUST where to find all of the “funkiest” trees to take pictures on, near, around,.. you name it. lol He has a very good creative eye! The woods have been pretty much cleared out by the horses.. they’ve made their own passageways through it, twisted limbs are everywhere covered in hair. It’s amazing. Look at the passageway in this picture..60 copy

Here’s a gorgeous picture that I took while Savanha & Aaron were hopping up into a tree behind me. Love that light.sunlight2The horses are all very, very sweet. They also love to have their picture taken as well. lolhorse2& Meet  Tater. This dog is hillarious! He wanted his picture taken, too. IMG_5748

& a picture of gorgeous kitty cat!!kittycat

 Okay,.. now on to Aaron & Savanha.. lol

I’ve had some people ask me what did I do with this picture to make it look glittery on the left side of the cross.. Actually folks, that was a spiderweb. & That’s how it looked with the sun shining through it.. I’d like to claim that one.. but that’s just nature. lol blog1  do you love this one as much as I do? OMG!!! It reminds me of the little taunt we all used to sing as kids.. “Aaron & Savanha sittin’ in a tree,           k-i-s-s-i-n-g!!! … LOVE it!!blog2blog8blog4blog5This branch was at least 4-5 feet off the ground.. How did they get up there? Well that’s our little secret (that I have lots of pictures of.. hehe) When I saw the two of them sitting in the tree, I busted out laughing and said that they could take this picture and mail it to their friends on a postcard that said, “Come hang out with Aaron & Savanha”.. lol blog7blog3

lol Tater, You’re nuts.33







Oh, how I love kissy pictures.. blog6

After we were done, Savanha showed me this really amazing gate that Aaron had made. Need  a new gate for the entryway to your land? Check him out!IMG_5755



I knew it wouldnt take you long to get one up!! I LOVE IT!!!! Cant wait to see the rest!! We had such a great time!!


Oh, KK!! Have I mentioned how much I love you! Love the “come hang out with us” pic! haha We had such a great time! I’ll give you a good christmas present as long as you dont post those pics of my struggle ass getting in that tree! lol


I love it! Can’t wait to see more!


lol i promise I wont! They will be just for you. lol

Mrs. Aaron Barnes

I love them! Those crazy trees really did make some pretty pictures! And ya..sooo much fun getting my struggle butt up in ALL those trees! ha

dorcas driggers

GIRL I CAN’T WAIT TO GET MY PICS DONE!!!!!!!!( love the the pics. they are great )Savanha and Aaron are such a cute couple.


I love these!!! They look so happy! Great job , KK’

Savanha Barnes

Kristin, I want you to know that you are so awesome! Aaron & I both love the pictures soo much. You make us feel comfortable and you can get us to do anything..such as climbing trees! haha Aaron was so glad to get pictures taken of his bronco & the overhead entrance he built. Thank you so much! KL Photography will always and forever be the place to call for portraits! 🙂 Cant wait to see Bill, Dorcas, & Bailey’s session!

Paulette Clark

I love the pictures!