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Hi there! Welcome to my chaotic corner of the web!

I’m Kristin LaRue!

I am an all inclusive wedding + portrait photographer in Paris, Texas,.. but I will go on any adventure my camera takes me.

As an all inclusive photographer, I give each of my clients the opportunity to receive edited digital images from our sessions, and events together,… with full print rights. I feel that as a consumer/and a mother, this is what I myself would want from any photographer that I book to photograph my family, and so, I offer that to my clients too! My pricing guide is clearly laid out for you to get what you want and need, and to know what you are getting, with no later hidden fees or strings attached.

My shooting style is a combination of traditional portraiture and photojournalism. I am self taught, and learn something new every single day.  I’m often asked what I love to photograph more.. weddings, or babies. Honestly, I could never choose. Plus, normally my wedding couples, book me for their newborn sessions.. and vice versa. 😉 It’s a total win, and I feel truly honored to have been blessed to be a part of such huge milestones in my client’s lives. I have photographed seniors, that have went on to become brides, ..  and I have photographed them being walked down the aisle to say “I Do.” to their husbands… and then have them come back to me, later on in life to photograph their children.

Gotta love the circle of life.

I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love, and to love what I do.

I’ve been a lover of photography for as long as I can remember, but didn’t really pick up the camera to do my own until 2006. I’ve been doing photography professionally since 2008. I love the traditional SMILE pictures that make grandma proud, but I also love the silly, candid, and emotional moments in between.

As a girl, I spent countless hours with my Mammaw, digging through her photographs that she had taken on her many adventures. She taught me the importance of preserving memories, and freezing time. Cancer took her from me, and she’s been gone to heaven since I was 18. It is bittersweet that all that I truly have left of her,.. are those photographs. I want that for you. I want that for your children. I want that for your grandchildren. I want generations of your family to have photographs to look at later on, and think about how much you meant to them, and taught them about how to live, and how to love. Please don’t let big moments and adventures go by without some documentation of them being left. & As your photographer, my one request is to please not let the memories we make together, sit in an online gallery to never be seen on your walls, or touched by the hands of your grandchildren.


I have dedicated my photography career in loving memory of my Mammaw, Dora Huggins Boren (January 1st, 1924 – June 28th, 2001).
Each photograph that I have taken, or will ever take, is me showing my love for her, and all the wonderful memories that we made together.



I am a memory documenting photographer of many. In times of life and love, my camera is my pen, and you are my journal.

Member of the Professional Photographers of America.




Featured: EParisExtra.com, popsugar.com, thedatingdivas.com, wholeparent.com, North East Texas Bridal Magazine, Holdfast Gear

Awards: Top 100, Top 10%, Top 20%, Top 30% of the 2016 Shoot & Share Contest

1st Place Talent Show – Chisum Elementary, 2nd grade

2nd place Talent Show – Chisum Elementary, 3rd grade


Senior Class Clown- Chisum High School Class of 2001

“World’s Best Mom” – Coffee Cup I bought off Etsy



 Want to know me better? Here’s some random facts about me.

I’m 34. My maiden name is Boren. I’ve been married to a LaRue for over 12 years.  My husband and I have three sons that were all born on May 6th. Our identical twins turned 3 years old the day that their baby brother was born. None of it was planned. Yes, it is extremely rare. How rare is it for siblings to all share the same birthday.. and all be boys? 1 in 500,000.. I googled it. 😉

Nolan and Noah are 11. Mason is 8. We have two fur daughters, shih-tzus-Dorie (who is 12) and Zoey (who is 2).

I love smiles. They are my favorite… my most VERY favorite thing in the world; whether it’s yours.. or my gapped front teeth one. lol

 I’m easygoing. I’m a tomboy. I’m hilarious. No, really, you’ll see…




and I’m not very lady like. (Sorry, mom! I know you tried your hardest!)  I’m random. I’m weird.  I have thunder thighs and back fat. lol! What you see is what you get. <3 My cooking is atrocious. I once weighed over 350 pounds, because of McDonald’s.. not my cooking 😉  Once the temps hit in the 60’s or below, you’ll find me hiding inside of a hoodie. I love memes, UNsweet tea, diet coke, and lifting weights at the gym. I come from a family that passes on some strange genetic trait that passes on the ability to have twins: I have twin sons. I have twin brothers. I had twin aunts. & Twin great uncles.. and so on.. and so forth. I guarantee you that I have at LEAST 4 loads worth of dirty laundry sitting in my laundry room at this very moment. I love sweets, pizza, sour cream and onion chips, the beach, going to concerts, going to see movies, and pretty much anything that involves doing anything with my family and my friends. I’m a social creature, but rarely have the time to socialize. I love tattoos… & yes.. my children think they are awesome,.. and so will yours 😉  I love photography, and the way it allows me to be myself… a complete clown who has always loved being a goofball to make people smile and laugh, & I love knowing my clients leave happy, as new friends, and eager to book me for their next milestone, or memory documenting adventure.

I rarely update this blog with my current photography.. I honestly just don’t have enough hours in the day 🙁 But, to see my most current work, please check out my facebook fanpage.

  Want to book a session with me? I’d LOVE to hear from you! Please contact me as soon as possible! Let’s get you in front of my camera. 😉



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