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Allie | 1st Birthday | Event Photography

Allie turned one last weekend and I’m just now getting able to blog about it. Im soooo behind on everything, (you should see my laundry), .. Me, hubby, & all three kids have been sick for a good week now. I even had to take the baby to the ER because he had a fever higher than what I felt comfortable keeping him home with just Mommy’s TLC. .. To his uncomfort, I checked temp several times and at 4 am Monday morning it was at 102 something.. I knew it was time for some antibiotics. They also discovered that he had double ear poor baby. He’s now on amoxicillin 2x daily, and hubby just ran out to get the rest of us some antibiotic goodness. We’re not going to be able to attend hubby’s family Christmas party because I’m the type of  person who doesnt believe in sharing my germs with the rest of the world.  Anyways, I’m babbling, so… back to the post, I had aLOT of fun at Allie’s birthday party. It allowed me to go back to Celebrate it! here in Paris and the setup was completely different from the Flournoy wedding I shot at back in October. I seriously want to have my kids birthday party at Celebrate it! It was uber cool! Happy first birthday, sweet & adorable Allie. I can’t wait to watch you grow up, little one!

Savanha Barnes

LOVE IT! Always love the 1st birthdays…so messy! 🙂 Great job. Once again, you have captured ‘it’ again!