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Baby Alivia {Birth Session, Paris, Texas Photographer}

It’s been a whole week since I shot this birth session.. lol but there were so many photos to go thru and YIKES, I need more days in a week, I think. I’m so behind right now it’s insane! BUT I just have to blog this before I get back to work. Last Monday night, I had plans to drop my children off with my aunt, and my mom in order for me to be at the hospital about 7 the following morning. I got a text from Savanha about 11 that night, she was upset. Apparently 3 other women had came to the hospital in labor… and sort of took her spot. LOL I would be upset, too. Savanha has been MISERABLE.. and ready to have this baby.. and to have her hopes to be kicked like that.. well it was upsetting, to say the least. She texted me back during the night and there was still no opening for her to be induced,.. but the hospital wanted her to call back before 7, and they’d give an answer then. So while I was getting ready the next morning, sure enough the hospital allowed her to come on in. Time to get this show on the road! I dropped my twins off at school, my youngest off with my mom, and headed to the hospital. Savanha was already getting prepped and we all just sorta hung out for a while and let the Pitocin do it’s thing. Savanha laid on the bed and watched her loving family devour donuts for breakfast.. cruel people ;)..  A while & several contractions later, they gave her an epidural.. and we waited a bit longer. I went into the waiting room and let her mom sit in with her for a while (they only allow 2 guests per room).. and then when things started progressing, I switched spots with her mom. I came in the room & Savanha was “resting” but you could tell she was uncomfortable.. her husband, Aaron and I, watched on and she just progressively got worse. We hit the nurse’s little call button and they came in to check her.. Sure enough.. she was at a good “7-8” by then. The problem was, baby Alivia wasn’t wanting to come down. Savanha’s epidural wasn’t fulfilling it’s job… (do they ever??) and she was hurting..Time passed slowly.. and the nurses came back to check things..The nurse said she was at an 8.  Well, anytime you’ve got a mom at an 8.. the nurses will normally get them to push a bit, and they’ll be at a “10” quickly. & Sure enough.. Savanha became a 10, quickly. The nurses started wheeling in tables full medical stuff, the baby scale, .. the whole room transformed quickly. She had Savanha push more until she could see Alivia’s head before she called the doctor in. Wow.. it was intense. Extremely intense.. I stood over Savanha’s left shoulder during the delivery while I photographed, and let me just say.. things happened FAST. Just a few pushes later and out came this chunky little baby.. She didn’t hardly cry.. it’s like she was still sleeping and we had interrupted her from her nap. & The first thing I noticed as I saw her face was just how much she looked like her older brother, Riley… who’s birth I also photographed.. (Only he was much skinnier 😉 ) Miss Alivia had some meat on those bones. Alivia finally got ticked off and we heard her little cry.. which wasn’t really much of a cry.. more of a “LEAVE ME ALONE, GAH!” sound.. After that, she was very alert.. peeping up at me like.. “seriously woman. Get that camera away from me! ” Her nails looked perfectly manicured like she had just been to the salon.. and she had a head full of hair. Sigh,.. I’m in love with this baby already!  Savanha was wanting me to shoot Alivia getting her first bath and stuff in the nursery, but new rules wouldn’t allow me in there. 🙁 Super bummed.. but anyways, I’ll be shooting her newborn session in the morning.. super excited to see her again!
Well,here’s you some photos to look at 😉            love you guys! ~Kristin



Love love love!!! I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you were able to capture Riley & Alivias birth. I cherish all the pictures you take but these I hold dear to my heart. Thank you for always being there!!