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SINCE 2008

Baby Alivia {Paris, Texas Newborn Photographer, Grow with Me}

Dear Alivia,

I think you’re absolutely beautiful. I’ve  got a special place in my heart just for your big brother, and I have one just for you as well. I’ll never forget being there while you came into this world, ..seeing you take your first breath.. hearing your first cry, even though it wasn’t really much of a cry.. just like a “gah. really?” kinda sound.
hehe.. I can’t wait to watch you grow up.. and torture that brother of yours..

& I can’t wait to teach you all the ways I tortured my own big brothers.. just so you’ll be a pro at it!

Us girls must stick together and junk 😉


Kristin  (that annoying woman behind the camera that’s going to constantly be stuck in your face..)

Alivia is one of my Grow with Me babies so you’ll be seeing LOTS of her.. (and hopefully some of that big brother of hers.. because he’ll always be my chunky love muffin 😉

Isn’t she precious?



Such a beautiful baby girl:) love all the pics! Kristin you did such an amazing job on keeping her asleep lol! I love the placements:)


Okay…so here it is 2 months later and I’m still staring at these pics! You are amazing!!