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Brandon & Michelle {The Engagement}

I met up with Brandon & Michelle a few weekends ago.  We took some shots downtown and then headed out to Pat Mayse to do the rest of the session. It was GORGEOUS out there.. they took me to the spillway,.. and as many times as I’ve been out there.. I never knew there was a bridge.. gah. WHERE HAVE I BEEN???? Brandon is totally smitten with Michelle..and Michelle is totally smitten with Brandon. lol They are adorable! They kept smooching and snuggling during the whole session.. & yeah.. they pointed a gun at me too.. but.. it was totally unloaded.. so DON’T WORRY, MOM! 🙂

Hope you love your pics guys,

congrats to the two of you

& enjoy your happy ever-after!

RAWRRR! 🙂 I like hands.. & I LOVE bling.. 😉favorite!!!


LOVE LOVE LOVE! I really like the one that had her laying and him sitting on the tailgate with the “old” look. I didnt know there was a bridge there either! Congrats Brandon and Michelle!