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Brookelyn {Newborn Session}

Awwww, sweet baby Brookelyn. She’s such a cutie pie. Her Mommy & I have  been postponing her first photo session since her birthday, due to her jaundice, but she finally got pink enough to be in front of my camera 🙂 Brookelyn was a few days past 2 weeks and she was awake about 99% of the session.  Big brother Preston kept me occupied during Brookelyn’s feedings and let me play with his hotwheel cars.  He also held his little sister for a few minutes so I could get a picture of them together.. then he simply said..”Mommy, I am done!”     He’s going to be such an awesome big brother! Tracy, Preston, Dr. T, thanks for letting me be the one to do Brookelyn’s first shoot! I hope to be seeing her again sometime! 🙂 Enjoy the photos!

“Go BIG OR GO HOME!”      That’s my excuse for that huge flower. lol  This last one is my favorite of the whole session. I love it so much I couldn’t choose between color or black & white.. so I posted both! 🙂


love it makes me wish my girls were little again………u are awesome kk!!!!!