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Casey Blue-eyes & fam :)

If you’ll notice.. my blog is …….NOT being updated as often as I would like it to be! LOL I’M soooooooooooooo behind on it.. but spring has been crazy and hectic and busy and there are seriously just not enough hours in the day,.. even though I am only averaging about 4-5 hours of sleep per night.. IF THAT! lol I’m trying so hard to get caught up on everyone’s sessions! Please stay with me.. 🙂

soooooooooo Here we go:

Casey ( or “Casey Blue Eyes” as my twins called her after seeing her pictures.. LOL  ) & her son, “Alejandros” ;), plus her Aunt & cousins came to me for a family session.. the weather was AMAZING for March and they ROCKED IT! .. FO SHO!

Good times, yall! 🙂

SERIOUSLY.. can this family NOT take a bad picture?!?! hahaha soooooooooooooo awesome!

You can see more images from their session on my facebook page! Click on the FACEBOOK link on the menu! 🙂

Thanks CASEY BLUE EYES.. (haha)



Oh that family looked like so much fun!! All smiles!! 🙂 Another wonderful job by the famous kk!