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p365. Dorie’s day of pampering

Because shihtzu’s need love too! 🙂 Today, Dorie got a haircut and a brand new sweater,.. and I felt like she


I feel horrible! I have been slacking on my P365 project and I have no excuse for it.. (besides having 3 kids, a house


Well, I was wrong. He was born today.. at 3:40 pm.. weighing in at 6 lbs 12 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. & I do


Today I had my first session in FOREVER. The weather here in Paris has been rainy,.. and pretty much crappy since the


Taken at 10:30 this mornin..Really really bright light.. That’s why I book my sessions in the afternoon.. the


Or at least I think it’s day 38. Wow. I didnt blog at all yesterday.. I needed a break. I worked on my website a


Shame on me.. I completely forgot to do Monday’s 365. lol Woopsie. I’m sure you’ll forgive me,..


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! This morning I opened my fridge to something I just had to take a picture


Noah’s had a bad day.. he’s pretty much stayed in the naughty corner.. lol Hopefully tomorrow will be


As gorgeous as the snow was yesterday, today.. it’s a.. ugh.. melting state of nastyness. Feb 12 twentyten


It’s snowing! In Paris,.. Texas.. wow! I can probably count on just one hand how many times it’s snowed

P365:day 32

I bet my neighbor thinks I’m strange when I go take pictures of her dead flowers. lol! 🙂


His snuggle buddy, Dorie.  She needs a haircut,.. bad. lol dont you love her little smile 🙂


These pictures were taken at a surprise baby shower that me and my sister in law put together for our other sister in