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Project 365: day 29

 My husband’s grandmother made the baby a blanket and brought it over this past weekend. She is so good at making

Project 365: day 28.

Today was a really.. yucky.. weather day.. again! bah! So I snapped this adorable picture of my baby boy.. 😉 & a

Project 365: day 27

Did I mention that I love sun flare? I do..  It makes me happy. I thought I’d give my kids a break today and just

Project 365: day 26!

The twinks got ’em some new pairs of Chucks..adorable I tell you.. 😉

Project 365: day 25.. i think??

We received some MUCH needed sunshine on Sunday. It’s a shame that it was so muddy/cold or it would have been an

Project 365: day 24

 Nolan’s a goof… and likes to copy me holding my camera.. & loves baseball.. & he calls me

PROJECT 365: day 23

Winter is here.. and I’m so. ready. for. it. to. go. away!!!    I’m ready for green grass and trees covered

Project 365: day 22!

{I’m Kristin. This is my photography blog, but you’ll also see posts on here that are about me and my entertaining

PROJECT 365. day 21. ;)

Honestly… does this picture even need an explanation?

PROJECT 365: day 20.

Someone has taught themself how to remove their own diaper.. & I gotta pic of 2 of his toofies.. (he now has 4!!

PROJECT 365: day 19

I think the worst thing that EVER happened to my checking account,.. well besides getting married, having three sons,

PROJECT 365: day 18

Here’s how this picture came about… {Me on facebook:}Thank you rain/mud for killing my weekend photography

PROJECT 365: Day 17

I think I might need help.. professional help that is.. because I am seriously obsessed.. with eyelashes! My husband,

PROJECT 365: Day 16

I got alot of viewers on yesterday’s P365 of Nolan. Do yall like pictures of sleeping kids? or.. just wonderin.