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PROJECT 365: day 15

shhhhhhhhh… he’s sleeping. even with his head hanging off the side of the bed.. lol Gotta love it!

PROJECT 365: day 14

The twinks new motto: Will wear “bbb’s” and pee in potty if we get to play on Mommy’s Wii.

PROJECT 365: day 13

Soap beards are the best.. just sayin’       😉

PROJECT 365: day 12

Dorie, barkin at the neighbors dogs.. .. what? I know.. she’s not one of my human babies.. but she’s  my

PROJECT 365: day 11

This morning while I was sipping on my coffee, and watching my boys interact with each other I felt a huge sigh of

PROJECT 365: day 10

Okay so here’s another one of Nolan. I know I’ve probably done more of him than the others.. let me

PROJECT 365: day 9

Mason is finally getting teeth. !!.. and his first one cut through on Christmas Eve and now directly above that one,

Project 365: day 8

lol.. I’m not sure what I love most about this picture of Noah. His smug grin, or his camo- boot houseshoes that

Project 365: day 7; Happy Birthday to me.

Since today-Monday is my 27th birthday,.. (woo).. lol.. I plan on doing absolutely nothing. That’s right. nada! 

PROJECT 365: day 6; eyelashes

My baby needs a haircut sooooooooooooo bad..but.. it’s bad luck to cut their hair before their first birthday.

PROJECT 365: day 5

So, I’m a little late posting this one, but I’m sure yall will forgive me ;).. I had one crazy day. My

PROJECT 365: day 4

These pictures were taken last night.. But, it was after midnight when I got to see them.. that counts right? lol ah

Project 365: day 3

See this tiny, precious, little hand? Exactly 8 months ago, yesterday, I saw it for the first time. Counted each little

PROJECT 365: day 2

Okay, so today is another day in my PROJECT 365 challenge. Yesterday I did a shot of Nolan begging for a cookie, ..