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Mrs. Gunn | Bridals | Love Stories| Kristin LaRue Photography

A few faves from Courtney’s Bridals. Isn’t she GORGEOUS!?!

Mrs. Haley Pasquill

I FINALLLLLLLLLLLLY get to post these. omgosh.. I love shooting bridals. I love being one of THE first people to see

MRS. Molly!

Now that Molly is officially a married woman… I can FINALLY show off her bridals! OMG it’s been killing me

Mrs. Lindsay Creighton! :) -bridals

Twelve days after having gastric bypass surgery, I shot a wedding. LOL & I know.. that’s flippin INSANE to do

Ashley’s bridals

LOL Yup.. still catching up 😉   #gallery-3 { margin: auto; } #gallery-3 .gallery-item