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Taylor + Austin {Paris, Texas Engagement Session}

I’ll be shooting Taylor + Austin when they get married next year. But until then, here’s you a glimpse of

Colter + Shelby {Paris, Texas Photographer}

I had so much fun with this couple! Aren’t they pretty? I think so. And guess what?!?! They are going to get

Keith + Heather {Paris, TX engagement wedding photographer}

Keith & Heather came all the way from Oklahoma to visit me 🙂 BOY are they one gorgeous couple.. it was extremely

Michelle + Faisal

I met up with these two last week.. and we had so much fun! After going around downtown, I took them out to the woods..

Billy + Courtney

Billy & Courtney are ONE amazing couple.. so full of fun, so full of love, and so full of laughs!! I’m

the soon to be Tubb family <3

Brian & Kimberly are both friends of mine on facebook.. and hardly ever does a day go by that I dont see posts like

Chancey’s sneak peeks. <3

Doing something different tonight and posting sneak peeks on my blog! Just so I can see how many of you actually look

Catch up!

I’m so behind on blogging.. This is just going to be one huge catch up post to bring everything up to date!

Cody & Lindsay

I met up with Cody & Lindsay last May for their engagement session. this is one GORGEOUS couple and I will be

Jack + Ashley = the future Mr. & Mrs. Haynie ;)

Jack and Ashley are absolutely perfect for each other. I’ve known Ashley since we were kids and it’s so

Brandon & Michelle {The Engagement}

I met up with Brandon & Michelle a few weekends ago.  We took some shots downtown and then headed out to Pat Mayse