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Mrs. Haley Pasquill

I FINALLLLLLLLLLLLY get to post these. omgosh.. I love shooting bridals. I love being one of THE first people to see

Keith + Heather {Paris, TX engagement wedding photographer}

Keith & Heather came all the way from Oklahoma to visit me 🙂 BOY are they one gorgeous couple.. it was extremely

Barham-Wiles Wedding (Sneak Peek)

I went thru a few of my images from yesterday’s wedding so Billy & Courtney could get a sneak peek. I

Michelle + Faisal

I met up with these two last week.. and we had so much fun! After going around downtown, I took them out to the woods..

Billy + Courtney

Billy & Courtney are ONE amazing couple.. so full of fun, so full of love, and so full of laughs!! I’m

the soon to be Tubb family <3

Brian & Kimberly are both friends of mine on facebook.. and hardly ever does a day go by that I dont see posts like


I have met my limit for weddings for this year and will not be booking anymore! 🙂 I am still available for portrait

Chancey’s sneak peeks. <3

Doing something different tonight and posting sneak peeks on my blog! Just so I can see how many of you actually look

the post to catch up on everything!

I know I haven’t blogged a session in a million years. And I have taken photographs of SO many beautiful and

MRS. Molly!

Now that Molly is officially a married woman… I can FINALLY show off her bridals! OMG it’s been killing me

Mrs. Lindsay Creighton! :) -bridals

Twelve days after having gastric bypass surgery, I shot a wedding. LOL & I know.. that’s flippin INSANE to do

Catch up!

I’m so behind on blogging.. This is just going to be one huge catch up post to bring everything up to date!