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Chance & Kendra, and that oh so epic beard {Paris, Texas Couple Portrait Photographer}

First of all.. I’m a huge fan of Duck Dynasty, Jack! WHO ISN’T?? & I will be the first one to admit that when I received an email from Kendra about her and her husband’s session, and how she wanted pictures of her husband with his epic beard.. I was not expecting this. I wasn’t expecting something so .. epic. & omgah! I had to do a double take..

Chance is a dead ringer for Willie from Duck Dynasty..

I mean.. so much that one of their sneak peeks received over 5,545 views.

The highest I think that any image on my fanpage has received..

the 2nd picture to receive as many was last year’s fireworks shot from the Paris fireworks display.


Love how you captured their awesome-ness!!!!

Kylee Keller

I love our Marine Corps friends the Belchers and I love these pictures!!! Great job!!!