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Dane Triplets {Paris, Texas Newborn Photographer}

As soon as the final baby was home from the hospital, I knew we needed to get these little ones in front of my camera.

So, Mommy, Daddy, & an awesome fantastic friend/baby posing assistant/feeder/burper/diaper changing saint of a person-Heather.. came by with the little ones.

& it was my birthday.

No, really. We shot their session on my birthday.

What a birthday!

I fell in AWE of how these guys made it seem like it was so easy to take care of 3 babies.. at once.

They have everything organized. There’s a system in place.. & I WISH I had done it this way. I WISH I had their support system..

Oh my goodness.. I can’t imagine.. THREE babies.

three mouths to feed.

three diapers to change.

Oh but let me tell you guys.. When I first thought about this newborn session.. I thought about all the other ones that I’ve done.. some babies take up to 4 hours to get just a few pictures. I learned early that each baby is different. No two are alike.. One baby could sleep the entire session, pose like a pretzel without so much as a whimper, and be out the door in an hour.. or there are babies that might be a little colic-y.. missed nap time.. and hate me the entire session.. that might last up to all day.. of me trying to get just a few pictures for their parents.

Not these little ones.

They slept.. the entire.. session. We stopped about an hour in.. they were then fed.. changed.. and back down for the count.

It’s like God Himself was like.. Here you go, Kristin. I’m going to make this your easiest session ever.

& it was.

My easiest session ever.

I love these babies! & I can’t wait to see them again!!!
Here you go,

the DANE triplets!! <3 <3 <3



They are absolutely stunning, but I expected nothing less you are fantastic as always!