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Eden is turning 1!!! {Smash session}

People have been asking me which type of sessions are my favorite to do..     honestly.. it’s hard to pick just one.. but whenever I scheduled this session with Eden’s mommy, Tara.. I was soooooooo giddy! I love seeing babies chow down on cake.. smashing their feet into the cake.. digging their toes into the cake.. it’s sooooooo messy.. and SO much fun. I asked Tara to give Eden either a cupcake or slice of cake a week or so before the session so she could practice eating it. When it came time for Eden to eat her cake at our smash session.. she dug RIGHT into that sucker. lol She was COVERED in icing, cake,.. grass..dirt.. water.. lol Poor Tara had a mess to clean up.. but it was worth it,.. i’d say! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Eden!


HAHA! Messy, but beautiful baby girl! I love the location..very pretty. Eden’s eyes are so big and bright..Great job KK!