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Eden {Paris, Texas Child Photographer}

Oh, Eden. My future daughter in law. I can’t believe you are 3! It’s been so amazing seeing those big blue peepers in front of my camera for the past 3 years and even though I think you liked me better when I was fatter, hopefully me and Minnie Mouse can convince you to keep coming back each birthday for more pictures <3!

Eden’s mommy, Tara… is so creative. What is Eden’s birthday theme you ask? It’s blush and bashful. Any of you southerners should remember where those two colors come from…my favorite movie of all time, Steel Magnolias 🙂   I only wish I could have found someone to make Eden a mini armadillo cake to play around with.. but *sigh*.. there’s always next time!

I love this little chick and she always keeps me on my toes!  & Her mommy and I have planned her future marriage to one of my three boys. Even though she’s closer in age to my own 3 year old, we have noticed she’s more curious around my older twin boys,.. whom are 6. 😉 hahaha!  I see a lot of sleepless nights in your future, Tara!

Krystal Smith

Very cute!!:)


Girl, you are amazing! I always think that you didn’t get any good shots because my child is acting a fool. And then you surprise with gorgeous pictures!

P.S. I think Eden had her eye on Nolan when we were there. 😉