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SINCE 2008

Childhood Memories

My parents have been asking me to take pictures of all of the grandkiddos for a good while now.. I think the last one taken was when it was just my niece, the twinks.. were babies! lol. So now that there’s a new grandkid, it’s time to update. It is tough to get 4 kids to look at you all at the same time. Emily was a champ. Baby M really couldnt hold his head up good enough to worry about it.. and then the twinks.. well.. let’s just say they were being a handful.  I guess they are just tired of me taking pictures of them.. since well… birth. lol They know to say cheese.. but here lately.. they say cheese and either look at their feet.. or look at the grass.. or just avoid me all together! lol.. Well anyways.. I took 800 photos alone of the Twinks, my niece & Baby M.

..I got TWO where my twinks were actually lookin at me at the same time.. 

     Here is one of the outtakes.. One of my twins sorta started flapping his arms like a chicken…


& now for the rest….