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SINCE 2008

Fair time :)

I’ve been looking forward to the fair for MONTHS now.. We didn’t get to go last year,.. Mason was still all bright, shiny, & new.. and swine flu was making a dent all across the US and the last thing I wanted was any of my babies to get it.. fast forward to this year.. no major epidemic that this germaphobe of a mommy knew about,.. (other than strep throat.. it’s pretty bad right now)…. so I dragged my husband and 3 kids to the fair! ha! The weather was PERFECT,… even a little chilly!! I tried my first ever deep fried snickers.. which is something I could only indulge in once a year. I ate 2 bites of it and gave the rest to my husband.. it was AWESOME.. but ohhh so sweet! Let me just say.. the twins LOVED the fair.. They are 4 now, so plenty old enough to enjoy the “kiddie” rides. After watching them Saturday night, I do believe they will both grow up to be adrenaline junkies who drag their “we-get-motion- sickness” parents to Six Flags every summer.. Oh joy! lol.. Some of the carneys were just.. complete jerks.. the guy who was working the potato sack slide.. and the guy who was working the fun house.. both almost got punched in the nose by this Mommy. So hateful. Also,.. when I was a new Mommy.. 4 years ago.. Anytime we were out and about with the twins and I saw a parent walking through walmart with their kid on a leash.. I made fun of them. Saturday night, I wished I had a leash for  Noah. LOL Noah kept running off.. he even walked out of one of the rides with some kids we didn’t know and their parents! My husband ran after him while I watched the other 2.. It was insane.. I kept telling Noah.. keep this up buddy and Mommy is going to have to put your picture on the back of a milk carton!  He just kept wandering off, walking into places he shouldn’t go.. He’s SO stubborn. lol Me and my husband were exhausted by the end of the night.. physically & mentally.. and so were the kids.. They all fell asleep on the ride home. Anyways, enjoy the pictures!

Mason was stuck in the stroller…:(I’m not sure who this little boy is.. but he was sweet to let the twins ride with him.. I know it was probably “uncool” to hang with toddlers on a kiddie ride.. but he was a really good sport and he even tried showing them how to spin the little bucket they were in. Thanks dude!On this ride, the twins were turning around and making faces at the kids behind them.. it was soooooo funny!the next ride was the potato sack slide.. the carney was SUPER hateful.. he didn’t tell any of the kids what to do, just threw sacks at them. The twins followed these other boys up to the top,.. but they were taking their time and Nolan & Noah didn’t want to wait.. obviously.. So Nolan threw his potato sack down.. laid down on his belly.. and down he went.. The carney didn’t catch him because he was too busy yelling at other kids.. but Noah saw Nolan do this.. so he figured it was how you were supposed to get down.Nolan made a safe landing,.. then down came Noah.. notice how the carney throws his hand up and points at Noah.. he starts screaming.. “NO YOU CAN’T DO THAT!!!! ” at the top of his lungs while Noah was probably a good 12 or so feet up in the air.. Had my child been a normal child,.. he would have tried to stop himself.. which could have been dangerous! However, Noah.. is stubborn.. when you tell him he’s doing something wrong.. he gets this mischievous smirk on his face and GOES for it.. which now that I’m thinking about what could have happened had he tried to stop himself.. I’m glad he’s a mischievous child. 🙂 Anyways, the carney kept screaming at him.. then ended with ” IF YOU CRACK YOUR SKULL, I’M NOT GOING TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR IT! YOU CAN’T DO THAT!!”.. which I thought was a little uncalled for.. then he turns around and starts chunking potato sacks at kids again. Listen here,.. dude.. if you would do your job and teach the kids what to do.. my 4 year olds wouldn’t have had to make a guess of it..! & Trust me.. we wouldn’t hold you responsible for anything that happened to my son.. from the smell of the air around you, you aren’t even responsible enough to put deodorant on.. much less teach children how to come down a temporary, thrown-together metal slide. .. grrrrrr!!! I’m happy to report that Noah made a safe landing, & didn’t crack his skull. lol The twins wanted to go again but the carney kicked them off of it.. My 4 year olds.. such rebels.. 😉 already being kicked off of rides. hahahahaha!

Mason did get to get out of the stroller and play at the little petting zoo.. It wasn’t as big as it normally is.. which was kinda sad.. but he loved the little goats.. and it was really clean in there so I can’t complain.. In years past, you’re normally swatting flies, and watching what you step in. lol I couldn’t really get any good shots of the kids.. it was kinda small in the pen.. so everytime I looked through my camera.. there was either a behind or a set of legs in my shot.. so I got what I could 🙂  The animals were very friendly.. came right up to the kids.. and enjoyed the pats they received from my baby .. lol


It was really great seeing yall at the fair!! Noah was NOT scared of the horses, which is good, but he was too funny. Great pics…I enjoy your blog. I wont lie…I stalk your blog and you know it! 🙂

Emily Jones

Girl these are absolutley awesome!Memories you will never forget,including the carney! I was thinking the other day,I have a feeling you’ll be hired to come to Sawyer’s first birthday party and take pictures all day! Seeing I’ve already got her cake paid for,I think she needs you too! 😉