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SINCE 2008

first grade

Nolan & Noah (My twins) started first grade last month, and one day last week was school picture day. As a photographer, I completely understand how swamped these school photographers are while they are working.. so swamped that they stop paying attention to little important details .. (like drool, or boogers..ect) lol Needless to say, I was less than thrilled when I received the twins Kindergarten pictures back.. I HAD to order them of course.. Kindergarten photos… that’s a huge milestone.. but I’m sad to say that they aren’t hanging anywhere in my house.. the photos another photographer came and took during last spring.. I actually liked those.. the twins were posed together.. and we ordered them as magnets to put on the fridge.. The boys love their pictures being on the fridge and holding up their latest artwork…but their main kinder photos.. fail. epic fail!  WELL anyways, school picture day morning, I dragged my sleepy boys into the studio and forced them to smile for me. lol And please don’t judge my brain doesn’t function until after 10 am.. and these were all shot around 7 am.. The coloring is off, as is the exposure.. but at least I got what I wanted and it looks better than what I ordered last year. Check! I’m soooooo proud of these boys of mine. The twins have worked so hard already this year. Because of them being born so prematurely, several things were delayed.. such as speech.. with speech being delayed, so is reading. Every night we do about 2 hours worth of homework.. reading many books, writing spelling words (yes, they have a 10 word spelling test every friday)..  First grade isn’t what it used to be. When I was in first grade, I remember playing with a lot of glue and glitter.. learning to write.. long gone are those days. lol I have seen such a huge improvement in these little guys since school started & I thank their teachers for caring so much about them, and helping them, and making learning fun.