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Hindman Maternity session :)

When I first heard from Ashley’s mom that Ashley & Ethan were dating, I told her that they would definitely have her some beautiful grandkids. 🙂 Imagine how tickled I was when I later found that they had gotten married.. lol & then early this spring, Ashley e-mails me to book her MATERNITY session… oh yeah! 🙂

Ofcourse because I’m so behind in posting this, Baby Troy Brock has already arrived.. and you will see his newborn pictures if I ever get caught up.. lol And I must say.. I was definitely right. Ashley & Ethan DID have a beautiful baby. I’m so tickled for them.. little boys are definitely a lot of fun!


THEY ARE TOO CUTE!! Love the last picture with daddy’s hands on momma’s belly…the sun was perfect! 🙂 Even the pup in the picture was a cute chunk!