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Straight out of History| October 10th, 2009

My dad recently received a tractor that belonged to his grandpa. His Grandpa originally purchased it new in 1938 or 1939.. i’ll have to check on that.. Anyways, it’s a REALLY neat tractor & still RUNS! He wanted a picture of his grandkids around it.. or well some of ’em at least. lol Check out the picture of my twin brothers.. they really hate for me to take their picture.. look at their eyes .. they were BOTH doing something goofy.. and it probably wasnt even planned out.. they are just so much alike. GOOFBALLS! haha 🙂

By the way, this is my Great-Grandfather, & Great-Grandmother. The tractor belonged to them. I’d like to think that we’ve gotten better lookin’ since then. 0439b4c4-86e9-4518-b691-7f0a0b052562-1& here is my Dad on the tractor. IMG_4049IMG_4091

Please know that I did not dress my sons in the clothes they are wearing.. My husband did. lol IMG_4076

Okay, check out my goofy brothers.. It looks like even Nolan was joining in.. but he was probably just blinking. Everyone knows that my children are all angels ;).. I also have a picture of Bryan ( far right) mooning me, (right after this picture was taken).. but I wont put that up here.. on the otherhand,. Bryan? If I don’t get a good Christmas present, you might want to check this blog out the next day for a picture that suddenly might surface.. hehe.IMG_4109


Oh those eyes are FREAKYY!! haha I know you had a blast taking these historical pics! Love the tractor…so photogenic! The twinks are handsome as always, and emily is doll! But whos that handsome fella holdin’ the twinks nd emily????? lmao!