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SINCE 2008

Hoppy Easter ;)

Just like every other holiday, me and my hubby took our boys out to my parents house to celebrate Easter. My mom made a ton of food and fed 16 people!!! You’ve got to admire that! We had baked ham and dressing and all kinds of goodies.

Here’s a few of the photos that were taken.
my brother and his baby boy, Dakota :).. they look SO much alike. I was wanting to get a bunny rabbit for the kids to hold during their Easter pictures and I kept putting off getting one, and just sorta was like.. ah.. i’ll do it next year.. lol. Friday night my phone rang, and it was my friend Savanha and she had a friend named, Haley that was wanting to find her rabbit a new home. SCORE! Saturday I went and met with Haley and after a while of rounding up the poor scared little bunny, I took him home with me and my carload of boys. They ABSOLUTELY love him by the way. Thanks Haley!!

Here’s my niece, Emmy with “Baby Bunny”.. but she re-named him Peter Rabbit.My Nolan My Mason  

My Noah ……..I think he looks like my Dad in this picture.My dad wanted his picture taken with the bunny too. I doubt he realized at the time that I’d put this up on my blog. lol 😉 We constantly aggravate each other. I’m not sure if that’s something that normal dads & daughters do, but we always have. Like on Sunday, I said,.. “Dad why in the world aren’t you matching? Camo & plaid do NOT mix”.. his response?? “I’m not wearing Camo”.. & I look around and everyone is laughing.. and I’m like.. “um,..your hat?”… and he replies with..”Hats dont count”… lol & there you have it, folks! 😉 Love you dad, even if you are the world’s biggest turd. Mason. he’s my doll 😉

The three munchkins. Nolan’s so stinkin’ skinny. lolEmmy’s mary janes 😉

Emmy was pushing Mason around in his stroller.. As you can tell, he was having a blast.

this is how my sister-in-law, Brandi, hides easter eggs. lol

they hunted easter eggs with local grocery stores’ “green” bags. lol They worked PERFECTLY! held alot of stuff!!

I have alot more to edit but i’m still working on finishing up the last wedding that I did! I’ve got another wedding on the 17th that I’m lookin forward to shooting, then in May, there will be ALOT of posts about my boys.. Mason will get his FIRST haircut after he turns one.. and ALL three of my boys will be having their birthdays on May 6th!!  The Twinks will be FOUR & Mason will be ONE 🙂 awwwwwww! My babies are growing up sooooooo stinkin’ fast.