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How to tour Texas in two days {personal, vacation, South Padre Island, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin Texas Photographer}

My husband & I made an insane decision to carry our three boys on a very quick mini vacay this past weekend. The drive from Paris, Texas to South Padre Island is 10+ hours. Add in construction, and car wrecks, and mommy seeing Buc-ees and HAVING to stop because.. c’mon it’s BUC-EES!!! We made it in 12. Bathroom toilets that weren’t near as clean as the ones at Buc-ees.. I’ve never had to hover or squat over so many toilets in my life,.. but HORRIFIC.. so, yeah, figure those bathroom breaks in! And grub.. which was SUPPOSED to be, according to my husband, bucket list BBQ.. however turned into some of the worst BBQ that any of us had ever put in to our mouths.. blahhhh anyways.. back to my story.

After 3,682 “are we there yet’s??” …We arrive at South Padre Island. It was SUPER late at night,  I mean.. SUPER LATE.. but my boys just HAD to run to the beach, eager to dip their toes in the ocean for the first time ever. We turned on our flashlights on our cell phones and chased these tiny little crabs.. it was a great time.. and then.. bam, bedtime-after jumping on the bed, of course….

We wake up early the next morning.. 6am to be exact, because my husband wanted to see the sun rise. We all get up, (me without coffee, even) and make our way down to the beach. It was absolutely beautiful.. and clean.. and there were sea shells that had washed up with the tide… and we filled our pockets with a slew of them. And then offfffffff we went exploring.. we drove to the Palo Alto battlefield.. and it was super hot, but very interesting and worthwhile.. I really loved it, actually.. but I’m a huge history buff. & I believe my oldest was just as fascinated… the other two were filling the air with constant complaints of “I’m DYING, Mommy!” “I’m starving” “It’s too hot out here!”       and you’re listening to them complaining, while reading the absolute horrors that these men faced.. and you’re thinking.. wow,.. we suck with our #firstworldproblems. lol but anyways! Onto Corpus Christi.. a very dull 3 hour drive from South Padre Island.. We feasted on Seafood, and toured the USS Lexington.. Another highlight for my boys.. They were in LOVE with everything.. & could have easily spent way more time there. Back to the long boring drive to the hotel, we crashed for the night, and woke up the next morning for a quick dip in the ocean, built sand castles.. showered, checked out of the hotel, ate at Burgerfi—which was super cool and great– and on to the very long road trip home, we went! Stopping in San Antonio for the kids to see the Alamo.. the tour was great, and they loved all the cannons! “Take a picture of me on this one!” “nooooo this one is bigger! Do this one, instead!” lol

After we left San Antonio, I drove us to Austin, and by then it was dark..after 9 pm.. I wanted them to see our State Capitol building.. and it did not disappoint. I parked a block a way, and we tiptoed onto the lands adjoining the property. Feeling like we were doing something illegal,.. but I just HAD to get a picture of them with the building... and as I was adjusting the settings on my camera, since I didn’t bring a flash.. I heard a car pull up behind me. My kids were like.. “Mommy! It’s a state trooper!” So, I stood up, put my camera to my side, and he pulled forward and got out of his car. He introduced himself to all of us.. asking for our names, too.. Told us about the building, and even answered several of my boys very nosy questions..He asked them about school and what grades they would be in when it started back up again-to which I for some reason, know that school starts back on exactly Monday, August 24th. (hahahaha) Anyways, their eyes were as big as half dollars, you guys. As if they were talking to Superman.. or Batman.. or one of their other favorite superheroes. He hugged my boys back as they went and hugged him. He gave them badge stickers… and then suggested that they stand in front of his car just so I could get a picture of them doing so. What a way to end our trip! (well before I had to stop at Buc-ees again, and drive another five more hours home).. but with all the negativity I’ve been seeing about our law enforcement officers, I thought I would use this chance to post something positive. This man was amazing! Super nice.. Thank you, Sir, for your kindness. You made their entire day.. or TRIP, even. Something they’ll never forget. 

So here’s a few of my favorites images from our trip.

& I’m off to bed.. because.. well driving/riding 30 hours in a car does absolutely nothing for your back. & I feel like someone has stomped on it. Repeatedly.



Camera: my back up camera: Canon 5d Mark ii

Lens: Canon 24mm 1.4L


Excuse these super grainy photos from the hotel. I had to included them though.. lol

I see that middle finger, Nolan LaRue (the kid on the bed not wanting to be silly..).. I see it. You sneaky little turd. off to the beach!“okay boys! You can stick your toes in,.. but do not get wet.. we have to leave as soon as we get finished!”“don’t get wet!”          RIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight……Look at Nolan, giving Pamela Anderson a run for her money. lol “Didn’t I tell you NOT to get wet??”
This is Nolan. NOT getting wet. lol Ah well.. I know my boys.. This is why I packed 15 pairs of shorts for a two night trip.onto Palo Alto Battlefield!   (The sun was a KILLER, btw)“The sun is too bright, Mommy”Eyes closed.. I’ll take it.. lol Corpus Christi————–& the USS Lexington!& I had to get this photo-op.. Because I’m extremely corny. Before we ate at Landry’s… (yum)& off we go!The Alamo (which is painfully positioned for extreme blinding by the sun photo ops)
a littttttttttttle bit better.. Ignore Mason’s “just left the potty” shirt tucked in.. and his map.. ah well.. We were tourists.. doing our thang!& onto the State Capitol Building!         SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous.. & Huge. fake smiles.. lovely. lol & then the trooper showed up,.. and I finally.. FINALLY.. got real smiles out of my boys <3 




I can’t decide which pic I like best. The boys in the ocean or in front of the capital building. But you have certainly inspired me for next year’s vacation. Too bad my pics won’t look as good as yours. 😉


You can always bring me along. lol


We had fun! Wish it was longer though :*(