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SINCE 2008

“I haven’t had this much sugar since Halloween!”

I havent had a chance to blog a family session that I did back in May. YES.. I’m soooooooo far behind. I have a wedding & another family session that I’m still working on. Anyways, I had SOOOO much fun working with the Golden’s, their three children, and grandchildren. I went to school with Mary, and her mom worked in the snack line while I was in high school. Back then, I had this .. sorta.. “Class Clown” thing going.. I have NO idea what got into me.. but I liked to play jokes on people. lol Well one day, I was going through the snack line and I got a candy bar or something and handed Mary’s mom a dollar bill,.. (that had been ripped in half) … because.. that’s 50 cents,.. right? It’s insane that I still remember doing this.. Anyways, she took it at the time, and then hunted me down later that day getting the 50 cents (the CORRECT 50 cents) from me.. lol I’m SO sorry I pulled that prank on you. I doubt you remember it because of all the idiotic you’ve probably witnessed being around so many high-schoolers, but I do. & You were a real good sport about it.. HAHA Anyways, this family is one tight knit bunch! When Chesney (the cute little blonde) wouldn’t look at me & my uber scary camera.. I had sooooo many people standing behind me making faces at her, just trying to get one little giggle out of her.. and it worked.. AWESOME-ly..(is that a word?) lol .. But yes,.. the day was full of laughs.. Everyone had a crazy idea to try,.. and they were all BRILLIANT.. like the men popping up out of the corn.. (poor guys,..haha).. and all the grandkids sitting around the “jaloppy Suzuki”.. lol  Anyways, take time to let everything load,.. and you are certain to get a giggle or two.. or three.. or 35. Thank you, Mary for hooking me up with your family. I had such a terrific day, and I still need to bring your Mom her glass!!! I haven’t forgot! 🙂 & MUCH LOVE to the Golden’s and their entire family, I hope you cherish these photos forever!

The Golden’s & their babies. … 😉Their LEGACY.. wow. 🙂 Don’t you just love their house? Mary was telling me all about it.. and it was amazing to me just how old the house was, and how much they’ve done to restore it and make it into what it is today. Do you ever see an old home, and wonder just how many people have lived there, laughed there, loved there? If those walls could speak, I can’t imagine how many wonderful stories it could tell.. everything it’s seen.  

While we were getting ready for this picture, when I told the guys to kiss their wives, Mary’s brother in law said, “I haven’t had this much sugar since Halloween!!”… it was SOOOOOOOOO funny. 

He was SUCH a ham 😉


WOW!! Beautiful family, beautiful home, beautiful photography! KK, you couldnt have done it any more perfect!! I think I’m going to go take another