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Independence Day

I hope everyone of you had a safe and happy Independence Day. We went to church and then went out to my parents house for the usual Boren family Sunday get together.. followed by good grub, and fireworks!  My husband bought the twins some sparklers and roman candles to play with… which I did NOT like.. I’m the type of parent that would seriously put my  kids in a bubble if I could. I hate germs, I hate danger.. & I hate taking risks! lol After I got over my paranoia, I asked my husband to help me in doing one of the “sparkler” photos that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to take. lol .. so after a few tries… and *sighs* and.. “c’mon!!”

we got this 🙂

Don’t you just LOVE sparklers 🙂

Have a good Monday!



Kayla D.

That’s awwwwwesome! <3