FAQ’s & Rules

Exactly what do you take pictures of?

Why, Absolutely everything! <3 Portrait, Lifestyle, Documentary, + Wedding, even Commercial. (really, that’s kinda everything! lol)

What kind of camera gear do you use?

I am a Canon girl 😉 You can see more by viewing the page INSIDE MY CAMERA BAG

How do I get in touch with you?

You can text me at 903.272.4509, please text your name along with your message so I’ll know who you are.. or set up a call time appointment. My home phone # is in the phone book.. but please don’t call it. My three children are extremely loud and odds are I will not be able to talk for long or hear a word that you’re saying! hahaha! Plus if you’re a mommy, you know that I am either separating fights, getting a child down for a nap, doing laundry.. etc! 😉 Email me at kristinlarue@ymail.com for any questions you may have.

I’m a photographer, can I message you and ask for advice?

Yes! Feel free to! Mentoring is available.

Where do you take pictures at?

I mostly do on-location sessions only.  I have several locations that I love to shoot at, or if you have any ideas of a great place,.. let me know. 🙂 All locations outside of Paris, Texas (75460 zip code) will be subject to a travel fee.  I do have a small studio but use it for babies and children only. Want to know  more about location, what to wear or even bring to the session? Please check out my Photo Tips page.

What are your prices, and do you require a deposit?

Please email me for  current pricing. Yes, a retainer AND a signed contract is required to book your session on my calendar and holds your session at current pricing. If I don’t receive a retainer + the signed contract within 2 days after we book your session, your session date will be up for grabs for someone else. PLEASE send in your retainer, ASAP! I book months in advance, but do sometimes have openings that are close by… first to pay retainer, gets it.

What is a session fee, & why do you cost so much more than my friend’s sister that just started doing photography?

A session fee pays for my time, talent, editing time, use of my photography props, gas for my vehicle, upkeep on my camera gear and upgrading my camera gear.. which is often.  When you book me, you are paying for a professional, tax paying photographer that uses top of the line gear.. All CANON; Multiple expensive cameras that I shoot manually and not in auto mode.. and L Series lenses. Everything is edited in photoshop CS6 and lightroom, then uploaded to a professional online gallery, and then blogged on my professional blog.. which is what you’re looking at right now 🙂  With all that mixed together, my pricing is going to be a little higher than your friend’s sister, but not by much. Please message me for current pricing.

What does my session include?

During your session, I take quite a few pictures until our time slot is up.  I want to make sure that I didn’t get someone blinking, looking away.. etc. Please come happy!

What do I get when you’re finished with editing my pictures?

Within 3-5 weeks of your portrait session, an online gallery will be uploaded with images from your session.  Your final edits will be available in this online gallery  for ten years before it expires. You will also receive a print release, to print your images on whatever you want, and from wherever you want, in however size you want.

I do forever retain copyrights to all of my images. Please note:  images are copyright protected, and it is against the law to edit them, copy them, sell them, claim them as your work, crop them, or enter them into a contest. If you have any extra requests about any of the images, let me know and I will edit them myself. There will be a $20.00 fee per each photo edit request.  Copyrights to these photos will forever belong to Kristin LaRue of Kristin LaRue Photography. I will post a few of my favorite pictures of your session on my blog, facebook, and will occasionally use them to advertise for my business. When you book your session with me, I also consider that as you signing a model release. If you do not want me blogging about you or using the photos to show off my talent & your beauty, please let me know. I deeply respect your privacy. I do not sell/give back images that are unedited for those of you who do have editing software.. please don’t ask.  I consider my editing as big of a part of my photography as taking the picture. 

When do you offer mini-sessions?

Mini-sessions are offered along side of full sessions, year round. I do offer special themed minis that are discounted but they are held on special mini session days.  It will be on a day of my choice, and you will get a 20 minute time slot on that day with me. Spots are limited and are always taken very quickly.

When will my gallery be up for viewing?

With Portrait sessions 3-5 weeks. With Weddings 6-9 weeks.  Please be patient with your emails, and texts about when your gallery will be ready. I always reward clients who are patient and considerate with extra photos back in their galleries. 😉 Plus, I always reward repetitive clients with extra photos as well.

Am I allowed to edit my photographs? or post them to social media? How does that work?

That is a great question! <3 I LOVE for you to post your photographs to social media.. but only under a few conditions. Here are the rules regarding your gallery of images. These rules apply to anyone that downloads these images, clients as well as vendors that would like to use them to advertise. If you are a vendor that would like to use the images in commercial ads, please contact me for further information.


There are no refunds. Re-shoots are possible if weather interrupts sessions. PRICING changes often. Normally around every 6 months. I do this without any warning and at my discretion. To make sure you get a session booked at current pricing, your retainer MUST be received within 2 days of the intial booking! After 2 days, your session spot is available for others, and if pricing changes, you will not be able to book your session at the older pricing. Please give a 48 hour notice before cancelling your session, and keep in mind, your retainer is non refundable. Retainers paid on themed mini session days are NON-TRANSFERABLE. This means you can’t use that money towards another session. There is a no call/no show fee of $50.00. This must be paid before booking another session. Also, I have the right to refuse service to anyone! Thank you!


Whew! That was a lot of mumbo jumbo.. Still have questions? Contact me. I’d love to hear from ya.