Photo Tips

General Tips for getting great Pictures:

  • Get a good nights sleep the day before you take the pictures to look your best.
  • Eat a light meal a couple hours before your photo shoot to avoid getting hungry or fatigued. Avoid food loaded with salt, it can cause you to swell and retain fluid.. this can show in pictures!
  • Girls, don’t wear HEAVY make-up. If you have a zit.. don’t freak out and cover it in 7 layers of make-up. Point out the zit to me, & I can remove it via photoshop while I’m editing. 🙂 No big deal!  Do wear really nice eye make-up though. Eye liner, eye-shadow, & mascara are your best friends.. & LIP GLOSS! 🙂
  • Bring lots of extra clothes to choose from. The more the better. Even if you don’t wear them all, at least you will have them as an option. Wear bright colors! If you’re in a group, please wear something that coordinates with everyone.
  • Bring some props! A prop can add a lot to a photo so think about what you can bring. Bring extra items that express who you are! It could be sports equipment, jewelry, your favorite hat, a scarf, an umbrella, a colorful quilt, hobby, a musical instrument, some cool item you really like, furniture, or even a pet! If your family loves to hunt, bring guns & camo!! No bullets though,.. please 🙂
  • Location: It is up to you where you want your pictures taken at. There are several places that I LOVE to shoot at.. if you have any new locations,.. PLEASE suggest! I’m always up for a new one! If you really don’t know where to go,.. I will suggest something I think will match what you are looking for. 🙂
  • During the summer, PLEASE bring bottled water with you to your session. It does get hot out there, you WILL sweat.. & I want you guys to stay hydrated.

Tips for Maternity Photos

The best time to take pictures to show off that bump of yours is between 28 & 37 weeks.  Around that time, is when the belly seems to.. *POP*.. However, if you are earlier than that, and are starting to feel uncomfortable with your new figure, I will gladly take early maternity pictures. I want you to feel extremely comfortable, and if you think you don’t look your best.. odds are.. you won’t feel comfortable, regardless of how many times I assure you of how beautiful you are! 🙂 Several hours before the shoot, try not to wear any restricting clothes on your belly.. lines will appear across it and sometimes will be noticeable in photos.

Tips for Newborn Photos

The best time to take pictures of newborns would be age 2 weeks and under. Being that young, they still like to sleep a lot, and they will still “curl” like they did while in their Mommy’s womb.  Please feed your baby before the session so he/she will have a full tummy and rest well.  I don’t mind stopping the shoot for Daddy & Mommy time to calm your baby in case he/she gets upset. I’m a Mommy. I know fully well that we do what THEY want.. not the other way around.. hahaha 🙂 Also, if you plan to have shots done with an older sibling, please let me know. Depending upon the sibling’s age, I may have you get dad, or grandma to bring them in at the end of the session, or at the beginning. However, please make other arrangements to have someone to care for them at your home, or theirs. This keeps the studio quiet and peaceful for your newborn to stay sleeping and get all the great pictures that you’re wanting to achieve! Plus Momma’s seem to stress out quite a bit with older siblings (toddler age) around.. baby’s sense that stress. I want your images to be perfect, as this is a great investment for you, and I want to maintain a stress free, quiet zone for that to happen.

Please know, that I do have dogs – two adorable shih-tzus named Dorie and Zoey, that will be in a room near by.. as my studio is located in my home, but they will be put up during your session. If you have an allergy to dogs, I am probably not the photographer for you. lol & Bless your heart, I can’t imagine a life without those snuggles from my furbabies!

For the safety of your newborn, I stay up to date on all of my vaccinations, and I will frequently douse my hands in germ-x before handling your baby.

Tips for Family Photos

Try to wear something that coordinates with everyone. Jewel tones always look amazing in pictures.. if nothing else, black shirts and jeans look perfect too. If you have little ones, please bring a toy to calm them with, sippy cup,.. favorite blanket.. all of this needs to be on stand-by just in case they start having a nervous breakdown. LOL Taking pictures is sometimes very scary for little ones.. I promise to act like a goofball and gain their trust,.. but occasionally they just don’t feel up to it! I have three sons, I completely understand temper tantrums! lol! Please try and not to scold or threaten your child during the session.. whatever hope you had of getting the perfect family shot taken.. will then be completely unrealistic. During the shoot, I need Mommy & Daddy to smile at me the entire time unless I instruct otherwise. Occasionally your children will look else where and get distracted.. it’s my job to say,.. Hey sweetie! Look at me! 🙂 .. Most of the time, some of the greatest family pictures are ruined because the kids finally do look at me and give me that perfect smile.. and Mommy & Daddy are looking at them threatening a spanking when they get home. LOL .. HONESTLY!! I want your pictures to look as perfect as you do, so let’s help each other out. I’m sure your children are like mine, little devils at home and perfect little angels around strangers! They will probably listen to me before they will to you. lol Don’t you hate that?? I know I do.. But if it works, we’ll take it! 🙂 I want you all to feel extremely comfortable with me.. I’ll try and joke with you during the session because I want to see natural laughs and smiles.. not the ones you’re forced to. Please come happy! 🙂 I’ll make it as quick and painless as possible! PINKY swear !! 🙂

Here are some links to a few pages to give you some ideas on clothing ideas to wear. A GREAT read by a fellow photographer. Whom I worship. lol If you read my about me page, you’ll notice I mentioned putting 3 colors together & using black and white as free colors. This page gives you an idea of how to follow that rule. This is a fanpage on facebook for photographers & clients to use. It’s AWESOME. Go there and LIKE them. There are photo albums with ideas of clothing combinations. LOVE them!!! 🙂


If you have any other questions.. PLEASE email me! I’d love to hear from you!


Jennifer Skidmore-Caperton

Do you do senior pictures? I noticed something about a DVD being included in the package before the first of the year. Will all of the pictures that you take be on that disc? Can you print pics from that disc? I want to get my daughters Senior pictures done, and I want to get some family shots as well.