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Next month, ALL three of my boys will be celebrating their birthdays. & all in the same day too. May 6th will forever be the day that changed my life. My twins were born May 6th, 2006 & my Mason was born May 6th, 2009. Was it planned? No. The twins were born 6 weeks early, & Mason was born 3 weeks early. lol I looked up statistics on this happening and apparently having 3 siblings born in the same day is like 135,000 to 1.. having all of the siblings be male is 500,000 to 1.  With chances like that, I am ONE lucky gal. Anyways, this is going to be a CRAZY party. Exactly how do you celebrate (three amazing boys) in ONE party. We’ll see. lol I took pictures this week for their birthday card invites & thank-you’s. Have a looksie.

Some just for fun: How the Twinks watch tv. 🙂

Mason’s 1st donut. It was life-changing for him I’m sure. 🙂I had this idea to get all three of them with their backs turned so you’d just see the names.. Mason had other plans.

Which involved crawling away. 

I did finally get a picture of all three of them looking at me. Thanks to Nolan’s choke-hold. lol  Apparently this is what Nolan thinks, “Hold Mason” means. haha!

Could this picture be any better??? I’m in love. Ofcourse they could be smiling.. but I’ll take what I can get. They all have PKS {photographer’s kid syndrome} at this point so I’m not going to be too choosy. lol 

Then I took off all their shirts and told them to go crazy.  Nolan ran in the house. I put Mason in his swing.. & Noah became a wild man. haha

The art of smelling a flower 🙂

I’ll post more from this day later. But in the mean time I’ve got to get ready for today’s wedding. It’s in Bagwell, Texas! Will be blogging sneak peeks tonight- if I’m not TOO exhausted! Rain, please dont spoil our day!