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it’s that time again…

Even though I’m SUPER behind on everything, and even behind on t-ball games.. (lol) today I have set aside to work on my boys birthday invite.. I know.. the party is three weeks away..WHAT AM I THINKING!?!  I should have done this weeks ago.. but I have been SO stinkin’ busy with sessions, and t-ball games,.. and just life in general that May 6th is sneaking up on me!

I forced the boys to go out this morning so I could get a recent picture of them that’s not taken with my cell phone to use on the invites.. and while I was just sitting here working on the pictures from this morning, I opened up the picture I took of them for last year’s birthday invite and compared it to today’s picture.. and oh wow.. they look so grown up 🙁

see for yourself…

wow, no restraining choke holds, and  their feet are getting huge! & I’m thrilled Mason is finally growing into those huge ears he inherited from his daddy’s side of the family… hahahah 😉

I’m glad they all smiled too… phew! what a relief!

Here’s some shots from their t-ball games that I’ve been thrilled to get. My twins play for the A’s.. 🙂 If your kid is on one of the local t-ball teams for the breakfast optimist league, look me up on facebook, I take pictures at every game and try to get a shot of each kid. Chances are.. I’ve got yours! 🙂 I’m sure you’ve seen me at the games with my big lens and camera.. no I’m not a stalker, or a fruitcake, & no I don’t work for the paper (which is what a guy asked me this week).. lol I’m just #11 & #12’s MOMMY!!!

^^^ Here’s Nolan running to 2nd base.. I love the sun flare in this one!!

^^^Noah hitting the ball (coach pitched)!! SOOOOOOO proud of my twinks!

^I love the view from the dugout.. Nolan is #11^^Here’s my Noah as catcher.. that gear just swamps him doesn’t it? LOL

& here is Nolan & Noah’s biggest fan.. their baby brother.. in the fabulous pair of shades that he has to wear at EVERY GAME just about.. ah well! He’s sooo stinkin’ cute in them.




awww…can’t wait for their party!! I wonder whos kid i’m going to rob this year to bring? lol

Adam Sandler

Wonderful shoots…came across your website from kat von d, twitter and your photographs are amazing.Happy working..Will check back later..