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Kara & Kenleigh {Mommy & Me session}

Me & Kara have been trying to get a photo shoot scheduled for what seems like.. years. lol I think it has been. Her husband works out of town.. and it’s really hard to get them all together. .. so this was a spur of the moment session with just her and her youngin’! I went to Chisum with Kara. She was a grade younger than me.. (i think).. Maybe more.. Chisum is a small school,.. so everybody knew everybody. We were band nerds together. lol She played tuba.. I played trumpet.. (woohoo).. Later on, we also worked together at a small jewelry store in Mirabeau called Silver City. I remember when she first got pregnant with Kenleigh.. and then when she had her. Hard to believe Kenleigh has grown SOO much since then! I had SO much fun hanging out with Kara & Kenleigh. We took a few shots downtown, then went to a pasture out in the country.. covered in dead corn stalks.. Which looked amazing once the sun started setting. The sun gave off such a gorgeous flare.. in some of the pictures, it almost looks pink! Kara had alot of ideas for this session.. she wanted a picture of her and Kenleigh wearing those cool aviator shades that everyone wears now.. and she wanted a picture taken of a tattoo she had gotten recently.  Kara’s grandpa passed away last year, and in memory of him, she took a card he had sent her on her last birthday to a tattoo parlor and had the tattoo artist tattoo the word Love (in her Grandpa’s own handwriting) from where her Grandpa had written “Love, Grandpa” on the card.. onto her wrist. It was sooooooo amazing. She grabbed Kenleigh’s hand and I shot a picture with the sunsetting behind them.. It was a GORGEOUS day.. and an amazing session that I”ll never forget! Thanks for giving me the opportunity, Kara! Hope you love them!