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Kindergarten Elegant Day

Tomorrow is a big day in Kindergarten. It’s elegant day! & what that means is.. I get to dress my little studs the way that I want them to dress.. for once. haha

Nolan is hat-less.. his hair has grown back.. and his alopecia isn’t as bad as Noah’s is anymore.. So, I’m letting Noah wear one of my hats (thanks Savanha!) with his little suit.

I love these two boys.. so much.. and they look SO grown up in their little suits.

Oh, and you’ll see a picture of them kissing each other.. they’ve obviously seen some of my engagement sessions while I’m editing. LOL Silly goobers.. it will be awesome to show that picture to their future wives.

Oh, and if you’re wondering.. no.. they are not single. Nolan has informed me that his heart belongs to a little girl named Lexie, and another little girl named Ava.

Noah has assured me that his heart belongs to a little girl named Brooke. & that they are getting married someday.. and having children: a boy, and a girl.


Where do kids come up with this stuff??