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Luke + Raegan = The Armstrong’s

Luke & Raegan were married in a really pretty country wedding out in front of their new home. The weather was gorgeous, the sun was hot ;), and love & emotion filled the air. 😉  After Raegan & her father, arrived in a horse drawn carriage (provided by Old Time Transport), she was escorted down the aisle by her father to meet Luke standing at the end. The preacher then asked for the rings,.. Luke looked around, turned to his best man and said,.. “it’s on the kitchen table!”.. Luke’s best man ran out of sight to get the ring, and the audience giggled. The best man came back with the ring, saving the day, and the preacher proceeded with the wedding. It was soooooo funny ;).. I know everyone wants their big day to go without any little “hiccups” along the way,.. but those “hiccups” are what keep us remembering and smiling the rest of our lives. My husband forgot my ring too, and had to drive to our new apartment to get it … so don’t feel bad Raegan. lol It DOES happen 🙂 haha. The wedding ended with a big ‘ole kiss from Luke to Raegan and they walked back down the aisle, climbed up in the carriage and are now living their happily ever-after 😉 .. (but not after they came back for a reception, ofcourse! lol)      Enjoy the photos. Thank you Luke & Raegan for allowing me to document ONE of the most important days of your lives! I’ll give you some advice someone gave to me on the day of my wedding.. “Don’t sweat the small stuff, before you speak your mind,.. drink a big ‘ole glass of water, and if what you wanted to say is still important after you drink that water,.. then you might as well say it.. but chances are, it wont be important, you’ll have calmed down by that last drop of water, and just give each other a hug and a kiss “.. lol I thought that was funny,.. the person that said that gave us REALLY huge drinking glasses as a wedding gift. lol Anyways, congrats, you two. Lots of love, luck, & happiness are my wishes for you.


awesome as always!!!!