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Maddie, Bailey, & Allie | November 14th, 2009

Since I’m the overly proud Mommy of THREE boys,.. I always jump at the chance to take pictures of frilly little girls. This session was no exception when it comes to FRILLY little GIRLS! lol In the following pictures, you’ll see cousin Maddie (age 4), & sisters Bailey(age 2) & Allie(11 months) in their first ever photo shoot together! This is a FANTASTIC idea for a christmas present for Grandma.. (hint, hint).. This shoot alone lasted about 25 minutes. In that 25 minutes we had a few temper tantrums.. but not many. lol Allie & Bailey are the two daughters of another best friend of mine that has been my pal since.. 5th grade. Yup.. She’s seen me at my worst,.. for sure!  Who would have ever thought that she’d have all girls, & I’d have all boys. We always swore to each other that we would make our kids marry each other that way someday we’d be kin. LOL Well.. looks like it could happen after all.. Although, one of my boys will be jipped!  AWWWWWW & Ofcourse Noah should marry Allie.. because.. that’s just a rule.. thanks to my favorite sobfest The Notebook. 😉 Kisha thanks for letting me take the girls pictures! I had a blast hanging out with so many females at one time! Lord knows I needed a break from all of the testosterone at my house! Coming up in future blogs: I’ve got a shoot at a Family Reunion on Saturday and another all girl shoot on Sunday.. Hopefully the weather will be permitting.. I don’t know about yall.. but I’m tired of the rain! Bah! 🙂 Enjoy & let me know what you think about ’em!ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kayla D.

This is too cute! I can’t believe how big Bailey is!


OMG those girls are soo cute! Cant wait to see the rest!!! 🙂 Good job KK!


i love them so far….my favorite is the first one i love the look on allies face…


I love the blk/wht one with the two girls in the wagon and the other in front. So cute! They are such beautiful little girls! Love the rocking chair!!!!


Great Job KK! They turned out great, can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you!




i am just loving the pics…..u did a good job…cant wait for allies party….i want to do this agian when allie gets a little bigger…