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May 6th Chaos!

Yesterday was one of the biggest days of my year. As you all know by now, yesterday my Twinks turned 4, &  my baby turned 1!  The day was full of excitement, .. and screams. MUahahaha.. 😉   I woke the twins up and told them HAPPY BIRTHDAY! & Nolan was like,.. “Oh!! It’s me birthday!!” & he and Noah took off running to the living room expecting to find some massive party set-up.. (shame on me) .. when they saw that the living room looked just like it always does,.. but cleaner.. Nolan said,.. “Ahhhh! Where’d me party go??” lol it was so funny! I had to explain to him and Noah that their birthday party would be saturday, but me & Daddy had big plans for them today..    

 I’m trying to give them the BEST birthday ever this year,… because last year.. they got JIPPED!! Really BAD. First of all I was 9 months pregnant, went into labor the night before their birthday, and had them a new almost 9 pound baby brother close to 4 pm on their birthday. We had the twins a small party in the delivery room since everyone was already up there. lol My husband and I had made cupcakes the morning of the day I went into labor.. so we had those to eat. lol Crazyness! I planned on having them a small party that weekend, after me and Mason were released from the hospital.. but that sunday, on Mother’s Day I might add..Mason was admitted into the pediatric unit of the hospital because he had jaundice…….really bad. My baby was orange. 🙁  & I had to feed him everytime he came out from underneath the lights. So no party. 🙁        I can’t believe all of that was a YEAR ago. I can still remember the pains of back labor that THREE epidurals wouldnt stop. Horrible pain.. But Mason was worth it. lol {Ouch. seriously, OUCH.}

So yesterday, after finding out that I didn’t have them a party set-up in our living room, we went about our day like we normally do, until Daddy got home from work. He took a few of the presents that I had wrapped at 3 that morning (& hid in the garage) and carried them in with him! hah! I still have a ton more I need to wrap.. geeze. Anyways, they were SOOOOoooo uber excited that Daddy had saved the day. After Nolan & Noah opened a few presents, and Mason played with his toy and threw it in the floor and proceeded to chew on the cardboard box it came in, we all left to go get birthday haircuts. Nolan & Noah just needed a trim,.. but my ONE year old ( tear ) looked like he belonged at Woodstock. His hair was long, shaggy, and I swear it was SOOOOooo beautiful. There were 4 different colors in it.. white, brown, blonde, and gold.. absolutely beautiful. ( when i gave him a bath yesterday, I bawled because it’d be the last time i’d be washing his “baby hair” ) I’m sooo emotional.  Jeremy thinks I’ve gone insane. lol  He actually said to me, “If you plan on bawling during the haircut, you can just stay home! ” lol I told him i’d be fine, besides I had a video camera and a DSLR to keep me busy.  So we arrived at Mr. Homers, Jeremy walked up and put Mason into Homer’s HUGE barber chair, and Homer stuck this cute little clown  thing around him. (which needless to say didn’t cover him at all after the haircut began).. for a good 20 minutes, Homer was cutting hair, Daddy was holding Mason in place, & Mason was screaming as if he was getting  a leg.. okay TWO legs..  amputated. It was HORRIBLE. Noah kept his fingers stuck in his ears the entire time.  & I snapped away on my camera with my right hand and held the video camera with my left hand for the first few minutes.. then I was thinking who in the world is going to want to listen to this for the WHOLE haircut.. so I turned the video camera off and put it away and went into Momtog mode. By the end of the haircut, Mason’s face was pretty much BRICK RED from him screaming so much, and he still had both ears intact,.. so we were lucky. lol I honestly don’t see how Homer did it!!  My baby is STOUT,.. he is STRONG.. and wiggles like I don’t know what, when he is being messed with. Daddy was holding him with both arms, squeezing him to his chest, and Homer had a hand gripped on the top of his head to keep it in place, and he was still moving. lol After all that chaos was over with, Homer asked the twins.. “Who’s next??” & normally the twins FIGHT over who gets to go first,.. but this time nobody said anything and then Noah said, ” Noanie, your turn!!!!” (they call each other, “Noanie”..) It was SO funny. After that, we went and ate supper, and took the boys for ice cream.. which was a hit. 

P.S.. Against my husband’s wishes, I did keep a baggy of Mason’s hair 🙂 haha. Jeremy says that I’m such a pack rat when it comes to their things. It’s only fair though, I have the hair from the twins first haircuts.. to which he says I should throw away .. (!!!) omg. How could I do that! He tells people all of the time that I would have kept their foreskins from each of their circumcisions if I could have.. I so wouldn’t have though… or would I. lol That’s so gross. I wouldn’t have. Maybe. lol

Here are a few of the million pictures I took yesterday..

Mason after his bath..“Mommy, he took my shirt!!”

Noah, did you take Nolan’s shirt?? ,… “mmhmm”

2 of my birthday boys!! Why does Noah have his fingers crossed?? Not sure bout that one.

when the haircut began..


This picture says it all.

oh Daddy, it’s awful! lol See Mason’s now BLONDE hair??? lol

My baby was soooooooooooooooooo upset!

Nolan’s turn!

Noah’s turn!! he watched Spongebob the whole time. lol

the party is tomorrow! Check back for those pictures soon. & I also need to finish the Musick’s Day After Session!! 🙂