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SINCE 2008

Meet Maxx!

This is Maxx. I found him and another little puppy,  on the side of the road a few weeks ago.. just a mile or so away from my neighborhood. Someone had dumped them out,..left them to fend for themselves in 110 degree temps.  At the time, they were both covered in fleas, and infested with worms..

After a hefty vet bill and a few weeks to re-cooperate, Maxx is quite happy with us as his new family! 🙂
& the other puppy, Sassy, found a forever home with my Aunt!

I love happy endings!  & it breaks my heart to think about what could have happened had I not taken a different route to my kids’ school that morning!

Savanha Barnes

I think Max & Dorie will make pretty babies….LOL But Dorie is prolly fixed, huh? Dang it!


lol Dorie is fixed. Thank God. She was such a heffer that first go round!

Jill Thomas

Bless your heart for helping these precious animals!! Thank you!!