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Michelle + Faisal

I met up with these two last week.. and we had so much fun! After going around downtown, I took them out to the woods.. where the mosquitoes have procreated rapidly.. and now there are literally millions of them. & for some reason.. they had their eyes set on me & Faisal!  I don’t think Michelle got any bites.. but I walked away with some on my forehead.. as well as my right arm covered up in ’em.. Needless to say.. I now own a bottle of Repellant.. That I will spray myself with.. as well as my clients if they wish.. before returning. LOL & I’m keeping up with the.. “leave 30 comments of love” tradition.. So, you.. reading this.. leave some comments of love for Michelle & Faisal.. and if this post gets 30 comments or more, Michelle gets to choose one of her favorite pictures and I’ll give it to her on a FREE 11×14!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

anyways, check out these two gorgeous people!!!!

Krystal Smith

Sweet Pics!:)

Evelyn Winkler

Nice pics, love the purple watches!

Mama Mia

Nice work you two (and Kristin). It is hard to pick a favorite!

Leslie Croy

These are so good…as always!!! You NEVER have a bad day when it comes to photographing I swear!!

diana hummel