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Mommy & Me sessions

As mommies, we are ALWAYS behind the camera.. and never in front. There are literally tons of pictures of our children.. or pictures of our children with their daddies.. but never of us.. because we are always the one taking the pictures! My goal with my mommy & me sessions was to change that! After all… being a mommy is one of the biggest joys of our lives.. it’s something that only us women have the pleasure of being.. let’s have something to remember us with our babies.. whether they are still in our wombs, or in our laps. These times are worth remembering forever. You ladies looked amazing! I look forward to doing this again, with hopefully even more mommies, next year! So for you gals that emailed and had the “Oh I need to lose 20 pounds”.. or other excuses,.. ahem.. 😉 you have ONE YEAR to do that now.. lol Come to the gym with me!!


fellow mommy-Kristin

so stunning, Mrs. Shay. FAVORITE!!loved this one.. SO much!check out his smile! ah! I die!loved the Rangers theme! FAVORITE!!Loved this one.. So simple.. yet beautiful!favorite!!SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet! If I was to have a little girl.. I’d always dress her just like this. LOL FAVORITE!SO cute!FAVORITE!!WAIT, no this one is my favorite. LOL When Stephanie walked in, and I saw her tattoo,..I KNEW we had to use itFAVORITE!Oh, Dallas. Honey.. you have your arms full… you have an amazing adventure ahead of you.. full of bows, and ruffles, and unfortunately.. boyfriends. But for some reason,.. I think those boys will be scared of Daddy Eric. lol hahaha! I LOVED this one.. (see below) I remember this exact feeling when my twins were little. I’d get them happy.. and then my husband would come along and do something.. just one tiny little thing.. and BAM!  LOL and that’s exactly what happened here.  I had to include this one on the blog. You’re such an amazing Mommy, Dallas.. just want you to know that!


I love these, Kristin!! Beautiful work <3