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Mr. & Mrs. Barnett | 30th Wedding Anniversary

I had a photosession today with the Barnett family.. only this time it was Katie & Dee’s Mom & Dad.They are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary!!! { I know,.. right? How awesome & amazing is that???}   They were ALOT of fun and full of giggles. It was a really sweet shoot.  In the pictures you’ll see in this blog, you’ll notice that they arent JUST of the Mr. & Mrs.. there will be pictures of everything.. their animals,.. their house,. their land.. 30 years is a long time, and this is the life they have built together. Here’s a sneak peek. Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Barnett for being so friendly, and so welcoming, and letting me tag along with you for a few hours!

Casey D.

Im diggin’ the black hat to the side! I love these!

katie barnett

hey they are good:::Mama and Daddy are really friendly. The cows are tooo (lol)


Hey girl! KK you are soo amaze me with every session you do! I grew up with the barnett family..and you hit the nail on the head with these pics! LOVE THEM!!


those are so good..


I love them!!!!!! I feel like I got to know them through the pics!