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Mr. & Mrs. Haynie (the wedding)

I know it seems like a million years ago since I photographed the Haynie wedding.. but I have honestly been working and working.. and working on it.. making sure I didn’t leave out any small detail that I photographed so that Jack & Ashley could really have every single memory.. and ones that they didn’t know even happened.. photographed. I met up with Ashley and her mom, sisters, and bridal party at Tanglz around 11 the morning of June 11th. Ashley didn’t look one single bit nervous. She was a breath of fresh air. She was cool, calm, & collected. Just as if she’d been waiting for this day her entire life. And trust me,.. from the way that everything was detailed and decorated,.. it looked as if she had of. It was so fun being able to watch Ashley and the other gals at the salon. Each girl definitely chose the right hair style suited just for them. Nothing was over the top..  Every single one of them looked beautiful. We met just an hour or so later at the church for everyone to start getting ready. Ashley and her sisters did their own make-up.. and did an awesome job at it! Sephora compacts and brushes covered the floor. Mirrors were leaned up against the bookshelves of East Paris Baptist Church’s library. Hot pink glittery high heeled shoes sitting on the floor ready to be worn. I snuck  out of the room where the gals were getting ready and went and found the guys. Most of them already had their tuxes on. They all looked really handsome 😉   Jack’s dad started laughing at him because Jack was wearing navy socks.. Jack’s dad took his black socks off and switched with him so his son could wear black socks on his wedding day. The guys helped each other with their ties, collars, and adjusting the ribbon just right on the back of the vests. I followed Jack out into the church and his mom waved to get my attention and Jack was pulling something out of his tux. A bright blue haired troll. lol Not sure what this meant to the family.. but Jack laughed hysterically over it. After I snapped some shots of the guys, I went back and found the gals again. Ashley was putting her wedding dress on, and all of the ladies were in a circle around her making sure everything was perfectly zipped up. Ashley looked gorgeous. I watched her mom just stand there and look at her.. fighting back a few tears. It was definitely an awwwww moment. Ashley’s sister then put a white flower in Ashley’s hair and she was ready. Grandpa took lots of pictures. 😉

I then made my way into the church.. tons of people were  already there.  A slide show was playing with pictures of Jack & Ashley. I walked up to the front of the church.  I had both of my cameras strapped to me, one with a 50 mm 1.2L lens, the other with a 70-200 2.8L II lens. My back didn’t feel that great the next day.. to say the least. LOL At 6:11 pm, the grandparents were then escorted into the church, followed by Jack and his parents. Jack’s mom looked up at him with tears in her eyes as he walked her down to the front of the church, where she placed her vase of black sand on the table.  Ashley’s mom, who was escorted by one of Ashley’s younger sister’s “Boo” 😉 then  walked up to the front of the church and she placed her vase of white sand on the table. As she went back to her seat, in walked Jack & the preacher. Next came in the guys. Quickly after that, in walked in the ladies, one by one, up to their spots at the front of the church. The music changed, and Jack focused at the doors at the very back of the church and suddenly the hugest grin appeared across his face. At the back of the church, walking up towards Jack, were two cute little boys carrying a banner that said here comes the bride and behind them were Ashley and her dad.

As Ashley and her dad walked closer to Jack, they paused so she could hand Jack’s mom, and her mom a flower, and of course give them hugs. 😉 Ashley’s dad then gave her hand to Jack and went and sat beside her mom. I moved up behind the preacher as Jack & Ashley went to stand in front of him. As the preacher said really sweet words about marriage, I couldn’t help but notice that Ashley was talking to her sister, who was her maid of honor. Ashley then looked at me and mouthed the words, HIS RING IS BACK IN THE ROOM,..  lol oh no.. As stressful as a situation that seemed to be,.. this happens more than you think, guys. I’m TELLING YOU! lol My husband forgot mine!! Maybe I just jinx everyone.. but back to the wedding.. I turned around and started mouthing words to the videographer. Pointing at my wedding ring and whispering, “Jack!!!” .. he took off running and found someone.. and just a few seconds later they were back, and the videographer carried the ring and gave it to one of the cute little boys who carried in the banner. What an excellent idea! lol The cutie pie then walked up and handed it to the bridesmaids who then passed it to Ashley when the preacher asked for it. I’m not sure if the audience knew what had happened up until now,… .. but.. guess I have spilled the beans. LOL Ofcourse it’s funny now.. & it’s a funny memory.. & I will never forget the look of relief on Ashley’s sister’s face when they had the ring in it’s proper place.

As Jack & Ashley said their vows to each other, and then went and poured their sand into the giant vase representing how their two lives were being joined.. just like the two colors of sand were being combined, I MYSELF had to fight back tears. .. secret: I cry at weddings. I cry at EVERY SINGLE WEDDING. I’m a big softy I guess.. but.. I sucked it up just in time to realize that omgosh.. I was needed at the back of the church PRONTO so I could get a shot of Jack and Ashley’s first kiss and husband and wife.. and yes.. I did dash back their.. and I’m sure my dash  wasn’t pretty.. but I got plenty of the shots needed of that wonderful first wedded kiss.

After family formals, was one heck of a reception. Two of the most amazing cakes that I have EVER seen, made by Southern Fancy..were devoured QUICKLY! Ashley’s colors were hot pink and black/white demask.. oh yes.. it did look AWESOME! The centerpieces on the guests tables were each unique.  There was a cute candy bar of m&m’s, gummy bears, and more..  Ashley’s table was decorated with her colors, while Jack’s table was decorated with duck hunting calls, and catered more to his style. There was so many people there to wish them well and spend the evening with them. As the reception ended, everyone made their way to where Jack & Ashley would be leaving the church at.. everyone was in lines, already perfecting their bubble blowing skills. As Jack and Ashley left, they said goodbye to their family, walked through tons of colorful bubbles, got into Jack’s pick up,.. and headed to the airport.. destination.. JAMAICA.. yes… I’m still super jealous over that 😉

Jack & Ashley, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your big day. It was an amazing experience.. one that I will never forget.


This picture meant the world to me. Someday I will be doing this with my sons. Ashley’s grandpa was taking a picture of her and her sisters together.. I got a shot of the back. 🙂I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this picture 🙂 Ashley, you are stunning. Probably my most favorite shot of the entire day.. ^^ The picture above of Ashley’s mom looking on as her baby girl is leaving for her honeymoon. So sweet. 🙂

& Now… just a FEW of the family formals 🙂




love love the pics they are so happy in love and you did an awesome job catchin that:)

Amanda Yoder

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I am absolutely in love with all of these! I can’t WAIT to see all of the CD’s!!

Ashley Haynie

Kristin you did an AMAZING job and I cannot WAIT to see the rest!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! These pictures are exactly how I remember the best day of my life 🙂


Made me feel like I was there! Such a beautiful couple and such a WONDERFUL time!


Such a beautiful wedding, wedding party, and AMAZING pictures to prove it!!! 🙂


OMG! You captured some really amazing moments! The mom looking at her daughter was soo beautiful! Makes me want to get married all over again…ALMOST! 🙂 Great job KK!


i love all of these pictures! it made me so anxious knowing that this will be me in a few months! these actually made me cry!!!
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