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SINCE 2008

my birthday boys

May 6th: A day that will forever live in my memory and in my heart.

It is, after all, all three of my children’s birthdays.

“Huh? How is that possible?”– Some ask.

Well, in 2006, after 3 solid months of bedrest..I went into labor 6 weeks early on Cinco de Mayo and after midnight, exactly 51 minutes and 56 minutes later, respectively, Nolan & Noah were born.

In 2009, spending all of Cinco de Mayo baking cupcakes for my boys birthday (the next day), that night I went into labor 3 weeks early with their baby brother and he was born the next day, early that afternoon.

Our family ate those cupcakes in the delivery room, while the twins opened up their birthday gifts,.. and I held my new 9 pound 15 oz (3 weeks EARLY) man baby.

So yes, I go into labor on Cinco de Mayo.. and I have babies the next day. 😉

Well, this past birthday, the twins Nolan & Noah, turned 7, and their baby brother, 4. 🙁 🙁 🙁

Gah,.. just where are my babies going? I see little men, now.

I see my little men starting to enter that chubby phase of life that me and my own brothers entered into during 1st grade.

Little men who talk about girls,.. and how “hot” they are.. & giggle when they see bras & panties.

and how Nolan loves Robin (a senior at his school that comes and reads to the first graders..).. and let me just say.. I see “I love Robin” on every. single. bit. of his homework.

& my youngest, Mason is still in that phase that I must hold him.. 24/7. “HOLD ME, MOMMY!”  & Mason is still.. bone skinny.

Like,.. Ethiopian skinny. I promise,.. I SWEAR.. I do feed that one.

Groceries come into our house,.. and are gone quickly. They eat like football players! What on earth will we do when they hit puberty?

What on earth will I do, when girls start calling my house wanting to speak to Nolan, Noah, or Mason?

What on earth will I do, when I’m no longer the one they say is beautiful?.. or when they don’t want me to kiss them in front of their friends?… or God forbid, hold their hands as we cross a parking lot?

Those times are near.. and my heart is crushing at the thought of any of that taking place.. but I know it will happen. *sigh

Until then, I’m going to enjoy them. I’m going to enjoy the chaos they love to bring. & I’m going to let them be kids, dangit.

 I bought the kids a trampoline for their birthday. I paid for it. Daddy took on the task of putting it together.. I say.. that’s a win on my part! hah!

So while he’s out there putting together that time-suck of fun, they were out in the backyard chasing each other, and “helping daddy”.. and I made them sit on this trunk we just had to move out of the house due to a mother’s day chaotic toilet flood (that flooded all of the carpets and some of the living room of our house… *SIGH*) and was like.. just sit here.. let me get a few pictures, okay?


Nolan: “Um yeah. I want to help daddy!”
Mason: “You guys! Come sit by me!”

& here starts pictures.

Me: “You guys just sit there, I’m going to check my settings,.. make sure my exposure is okay. “


Me: “Okay,… just a few more! I promise.. this won’t take long.”


Me: “Okay,.. my settings are great. You guys smile, .. smile pretty!”


Me: “Noah,.. you look weird! Mason, SMILE! Nolan! Stay just like that! Get together and snuggle more.. like you like each other. Or at least pretend to! PLEASE!”


Me: “okay,.. you guys tickle each other or something. You look bored to death!”



Me: “UGH! You guys are hopeless. Seriously? Okay.. loosen up a little.”


Mason: “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Nolan is laying on me! GET OFF ME, NOLAN!!!”

Noah: (starts singing Salt N Pepa’s Shut up & push It song & shaking his rear): “Oooh baby, baby.. baby baby .. OOOhh baby, baby,.. baby.”


Me: “I swear to all that is holy, I will call Santa and tell him the way you guys are acting!!! Just cooperate! 5 minutes is all I’m asking for! PLEASE!!!”


Me: “Now,.. chill out! & SMILE!”


Me: “Now,.. just hug each other.. for crying out loud! Or I’m going to smack you guys!!!”


…more *snaps*

I personally think tickle wars are absolutely adorable.. and I always just let them keep doing that. Especially if they aren’t whining during the process…

but then,.. they stopped. & Mason laid down.


& then chaos started again..

*snap, snap,.. snap*

Mason.. is obviously.. done. the twins have turned to ignoring me, my threats,.. my bribes.. me.. PERIOD… and just turn to each other..


Me: “OMG. fine. I give up!”

& that folks.. is 10 minutes with my children.

Now, you see why.. just exactly why..

that during your session.. and your child has a temper tantrum.. and you stress out, and look at me & apologize.. and apologize.. and I tell you,. “hey! Seriously.. it’s no big deal! I have three kids.. this is completely normal behavior for me.”

You now know.. I’m not lying one single bit when I tell you that.



P.S. I just realized my watermark is messed up on these pictures.. That’s what I get for making it, while talking on the phone to my insurance adjuster complaining over the fact that there are no carpets in my house, my laminate wood flooring is buckled, and my children are sleeping on a blow up mattress in the living room.. and..



breathe, Kristin.


You guys feel me,.. right?
I know you do. 🙂

That’s why I love you all. (& your children, too.. and you love your children too,.. dontcha!?!_

Even if we are all a little mad because of them. We wouldn’t trade them for the most well behaved, boring children.. right?

well maybe.





These photos are absolutely darling! Sometimes people get so wrapped up in capturing the perfect moment that they don’t capture the stage of life that the kids are in. I LOVED everyone of these!!