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My boys

Today, I took a break from tackling my massive pile of laundry and decided to do some picture updates of my boys.

Okay, so here’s a question to other Mommy’s.. Will my children,.. EVER,.. smile normally for the camera,.. again?

Nolan at his finestIMG_4142

& For the past few months, I’ve noticed something about Noah. He wears the baby’s clothes.. sits in his swing,.. even sucks on his pacifier and says, ” Mommy I’m baby too”.. lol here he is wearing Mason’s nightgown.. Yeah it’s a nightgown, & I assure you,.. it’s for boys. lolIMG_4208

& here is Mason’s hair. LOL.. Notice the mullet and natural curly top knot going on.. lol It’s lovely! What happened to my baby’s head full of dark hair?IMG_4179

& he is teething.. like crazy. He puts everything in his mouth..but.. no toofies yet. lol IMG_4151IMG_4160

he’s still my lovey..


Anyways, Happy Thursday! I’ve got a photosession with Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Barnes and boy is it going to be AWeSOME!!!! Look for those photos up on the blog by Monday.. A few sneak peeks anyways 😉 !! Have a great weekend Ya’ll!

Mrs. Aaron Barnes

You have three of the most handsome young men! Noah, Nolan, and Mason are soo cute! Get ready for patrol against the girls! *super excited about our session*