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SINCE 2008

my Dorie <3

5 months after my husband & I married, we decided it was time to add to our family. lol

We saved our money, and bought the cutest, most fluffy little shih-tzu I had ever laid eyes on. & I was totally smitten and in love with my new daughter.

We weren’t planning on having any children any time soon, but God always has better plans than you do… and He also has a great sense of humor. Exactly 3 months later, I found out that Dorie was going to be a big sister.. to not only one little baby,.. but two.

& Poor Dorie. She turned a year old a month after the twins were born. She was peed on during diaper changes. Her hair was pulled when they learned to crawl.. and she laid there and just took it. Not only thru their shenanigans.. but three years later when I gave her a new little brother.. his shenanigans as well.

She is a great big sister! She gladly cleans up any french fries that happen to fall from the table while her brothers eat their happy meals. She licks ice cream from their faces to help them stay clean. She is a saint.

& she loves her puppy snacks.

So much that she goes into the kitchen, and barks for them. And barks. And barks.. until you get up and give her one.

She also loves to watch tv. Any time a dog is on tv, she takes off running towards the tv, barking her fuzzy head off.

She loves when I have studio sessions.. she loves to meet my clients,.. and their babies.. and her favorite sessions that happen in studio are cake smash sessions.

Dorie gladly cleans up any cake that is smashed.

Dorie turned 7 last month, and I completely forgot her birthday. I hope she forgives me…

Here is her birthday shoot 😉


Rotten 🙂