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my guys

I’m surrounded by boys. I’m totally outnumbered.. There’s my husband. & our three sons.

I spend my days watching Spiderman, Power Rangers..

washing undies with Buzz Lightyear and Batman covering them.

I schedule my spring photo sessions around t-ball practices and games.


I love..


being a mommy of all boys!


I have one goal this year: to take more pictures of my children.. doing what they love to do… and doing what I love for them to do.. which is be themselves. Here is something that they enjoy doing with daddy.. shooting their bows. Daddy has been dragging them to Archers for Christ,.. here in Paris.. since they were 4 years old.. It’s definitely something they love doing.. and they bring home trophies after most shoots! They rock at it!


Here are a few pictures from our perfect evening together, shooting a handcrafted bow that they won from a sweet man. & to be fair, we’ve requested to buy another one .. because if you know anything about twins.. they do NOT share! I love you boys!


p.s. I’m sure you are going to see the pictures below and wonder what is up with my twins hair? & No, dont worry.. it wasn’t a botched haircut on my part 😉  Noah & Nolan actually have alopecia areata. It’s an auto immune disorder.. just like eczema.. hayfever.. but in this case.. it causes the immune system to attack hair follicles .. and makes them release the hair.. causing the hair to fall out. Noah’s is much worse than Nolan’s.. We started noticing a problem when they were 2.. but their pediatrician blamed it on a bad haircut… at each check up.. he wouldn’t comment on it. Nice! Finally their pediatrician thought they had ringworm.. and none of those treatments worked.. I finally took the twins to a pediatric dermatologist, who then diagnosed them with alopecia. Alopecia is weird in that it normally is genetic.. and occurs in completely healthy people. There’s no one in my family who has it. There’s no one in my husband’s family that has it. It honestly is strange.. but good news is they could grow out of it.. bad news is, they could have it their entire lives.. There’s no cure.

It’s depressing, yes.. but I realize that if the only thing wrong with my children is hairloss, and stubborness… then I have it made.

Right now there is a mommy out there whose child has lost his/her hair because of chemo treatments for their leukemia.  See? My boys bald problems suddenly don’t seem so major,.. do they?  nope. & That’s how I’ve learned to look at it. We’re incredibly lucky.

Hug your children. Squeeze them tightly.. You’re lucky to be able to do so, & I don’t take that for granted one second!  I for one, will hug and squeeze my bald beautiful boys until they wont let me anymore and kiss their bald patchy scalps the whole time. 😉

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Martin Misciagna

That is just awsome!

I subscribe to Tradgang and followed the link from there. You have handsome boys. My wife and I have three boys ourselves. Enjoy the time with them. They will grow up…

Your photography is wonderful. I liked the shot of your youngest staring straight into the camera.